Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Day 19 - Sunday 13th January

4:30am start!

Homeward bound :D As much as I love being on holiday I think I get to that stage where mentally I'm ready for home. It's now that I look forward to seeing our cats and sleeping in my own bed. Our journey home started at 4:30 this morning when we were woken by the alarm. Mark and I were half awake anyway. We got dressed and met the 5:00 transfer bus to the airport. As I'd checked us in already we just needed to drop our suitcases off. We went to the boarding gate, ate a quick snacky breakfast (the latte was yummy) and boarded our 7:00 plane to Dublin. As I type this we are only half an hour away and are beginning to descend, taking in the time difference we are due to land at 11:10am. We have about 3 hours to wait for our flight to Manchester but need to check in anyway. Karin is meeting us to take us home. What an amazing holiday we have had, totally amazing.
Just to add, we are now home. We arrived home to a freezing cold temperature and a few flakes of snow! A little different to the weather we've been used to, lol!

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  1. Hi Karen, just read through your holiday blog, really enjoyed it and glad you had a fab time.