Saturday, 27 November 2010

It's been a tough old week!

Golly, I wouldn't want to repeat this week in a long time! We've all been struck down by the dreaded lurgy! It's been so hard comforting your littlies and seeing them distressed when you feel so poorly yourself. I can't believe how one little bug can wipe out a whole week of family life! None of us are 100% yet but hopefully normal service will resume soon.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Rembembering my Dad

Today would have been my Dad's 60th Birthday, I feel very sad that he's not here to celebrate with us. I've just taken my mum onto the promenade and we've put some flowers in the water for him and we're going out tonight to have a drink in rememberance of him. Love you and miss you Dad xxx

Monday, 22 November 2010

MLH October & November

Yay! I have caught up with my stitch along project, My Little heart. It's the first time i've got behind all year so i'm not going to beat myself up for getting a month behind! I'm quite sad that there's only one box left to stitch, i've really enjoyed stitching it and hope that there's another one next year! The nice thing is i've been stitching along with my lovely friend Tree and we've been away together this weekend with the rest of the 'Chorley Roses.' Tree also had October and November to stitch so we've sat together this weekend and both caught up! What we really like is that we're stitching the same piece but due to different colours, fabrics and counts they're totally different!

Sunday, 14 November 2010


We held a little tea party this afternoon to welcome Courtney into our family, a kind of Welcome home party! It was so lovely to gather our families together to celebrate our gorgeous girlie!♥

Framed cross stitch

We went to collect the 'Larmour Family' cross stitch yesterday, I love how it's framed up! I spent quite a while deciding how to frame it and i'm really pleased with the choice I settled on! My Nanna passed away 2 years ago next month and she'd already sorted out her Christmas pressies so my Aunty handed them to us. We were given some money and we decided to keep it for something special, we thought the framing was an ideal thing to spend the money on. I'm sure my Nanna would have approved.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

First Courtney Layout!

.......and I cheated, LOL! This is a digital pre-page so everything was done! all I had to do was add the photo and text! (oh and I duplicated the heart!) I'm really sorry I didn't keep a record of where the pre-page came from.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Courtney is home!

Today we brought our sweet, precious girl home! She is currently tucked up in her new bed fast asleep. The last few days have been very tiring for all of us but has been so worth it too! Here are a few pics of the last few days, she has met Nanna, Nanna and Grandad, Aunty Nic, Chris Ben and Emma. Has picked up my telephone habit already, LOL and just adores her big brother! I've also included a couple of farm ones, we visited the farm as our first family trip out, it poured down all day but that didn't damper our spirits we had a lovely day feeding animals, have a cuddle in pets corner and watched some cows get milked.

We've done Courtney's first height on the chart, Charlie's lowest one he was 17 months old, Courtney is 20 months! she is a little dot, bless her!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Bridging is going well!

I'm just popping by the give a little update, bridging is continuing to go well. Charlie is also adjusting well too and is very protective over his little sister.♥ We brought her home yesterday for the day and she did really well, we have her home today too (she's currently having her afternoon snoozle!) Tomorrow we're having a progress meeting where the decision will be made if she can come home on Tuesday! We're happy and the foster carers are happy so it's looking positive! :D

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Charlie meets Courtney

Yesterday was so special but today was even more so when we became a family of 4! Charlie came along with us to meet Courtney, he was very excited in the car on the way down!
They played together so beautifully, I think Charlie is going to be a very caring big brother, he was very tender with Courtney and seemed concerned about her needs through the day. They played with some toy cakes and were 'feeding' each other and pouring cups of tea for each other. My heart was so full of love watching them. I adore my children.♥♥♥

Meeting Courtney

Today was so special, we met our sweet, precious and totally adorable little girl! We spent just over an hour with her this morning and then had the planning meeting for bridging this afternoon. We are with her every day now until she comes home, hopefully, on the 9th!
Tomorrow Charlie is coming with us to meet his sister, a moment which both Mark and I can't wait for! we can't wait to see our children playing together and generally being together♥
This evening i've finished off The Larmour House cross stitch with Courtney in her window! This is actually a interpretation of her as, bless her, she actually hasn't got very much hair and short of making her look like a boy in a pink top I thought the pigtails would be cuter, LOL!!

Please excuse the little heart over her face, at this stage we need to protect her identity.