Tuesday, 28 January 2014

M&M cross stitch update

Just at the moment it seems easy stitching and Mickey's head is finished :D

Saturday, 11 January 2014


I was at my monthly Chorley craft group when I got a phone call, there had been an accident on the landing!! And it was serious!! Then followed the photo on my phone..........

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year's Day.

How naughty are we, I say we, it was actually me! I went to wake Charlie and Courtney to celebrate New Year with us as I thought Charlie would like to see the fireworks at Big Ben. It turned out he didn't and all he wanted to do was go back to bed, LOL! He did however willingly pose for a pic first! Courtney loved it though.

We decided just to have a chilled day, no visitors, just us and time to enjoy Christmas pressies. The children had got plaster moulding kits so we set to making those, it was fun!

As it is the 1st day of 2014 it meant I could finally start Mickey and Minnie, golly I have been patient but stuck to my word. The first few stitches were put in today :D.

Happy New Year!!

I love this image, it depicts Mark, myself, Charlie and Courtney brilliantly! Courtney tells me she has a Hello Kitty bow in her hair, bless her!
Well It's approaching 1:30am and I should have been in bed some time ago but just wanted to wish my readers a very happy 2014!! Hope the year is kind to you! I am very much looking forward to this year, my 'big' Birthday year!! There's so much to look forward to surrounding it that I'm embracing it and am excited about it! They say life begins at 40.......let's see how it goes!!