Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Baby Bear Grass Head

One of my Mother's Day gifts was this fun grass growing bear! He's very cute and novel! We started him off to grow at the beginning of April, it didn't take long before he grew his first sprouts! Very soon he had a fine head of hair!!

It was time for a trim! Charlie had been DESPERATE to cut his hair and has asked for a few days. The time came to unleash him with the scissors, LOL! I'm not sure what Ted thought of his new hairstyle! Never mind Ted, it'll grow again, next time maybe Courtney will be kinder, LOL! (I don't like your chances though!!)

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Mr Snowman progress.

Mr Snowman is coming along nicely, I finished filling in his tummy a couple of days ago. I've started now stitching in the snow on the left side but have just realised I haven't stitched his mittens yet, they will be next along with his backstitch that will bring him to life :D

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Roll up! The Ice Cream Shop is Open!

I adore watching a child's imagination come to life! This is Charlie's ice cream shop! He's got a few customers!

How cute is this......his much loved 'baby elephant' enjoying a drink of orange juice!

Friday, 19 April 2013

First lost tooth!

There has been much excitement in our house over the last couple of days! Charlie lost his first tooth whilst eating breakfast yesterday. (he actually has lost his tooth, we don't know where it's gone, presumed swallowed!) It was so unexpected as we didn't even know he had a wobbly one!

Last night he wrote a note for the tooth fairy.

The tooth Fairy was very kind, she took his note and left him £1 and a first tooth certificate! Wow! 
Even Mummy got a nice surprise! The Tooth Fairy sent me Charlie's little note back in the post as she knew I would want to scrapbook it, the postman delivered it this morning whilst Charlie was at school! ;D

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Courtney's School

Yay! The wait is finally over, it seems so long ago we applied for Courtney's school place (well it is, we applied in November!) We were fairly confident she would get into Charlie's school but siblings was actually 4th on the entry criteria list. She did fit into the criterias above that too but still until we had confirmation I wasn't presuming anything. I refreshed the page a number of times before confirmation finally came up. Courtney is going to St.Peter's too!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Babysitting a Caravan!!!

Our friend Linz asked if we'd mind having her new caravan on our drive for a couple of weeks until she sold her old one. No problem at all we said! She said Charlie and Courtney could play in it if they liked. Charlie was especially excited to have it there. This evening Linz and her daughter Imogen came round so Linz could give it a clean. Imogen, Charlie and Courtney took full advantage and much fun was had colouring in at the table!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Cats the Musical

Nic and I took our Mum to see Cats in Manchester for her Birthday last night, Emma came along too. I'd seen Cats before but it was a very long time ago and if I'm being honest I couldn't remember the storyline so really it was a fresh experience for me too. Mum and I met Nic and Emma in Manchester (they had been shopping but as I was working I wasn't able to join them.) We were going to eat tea in a nice restaurant but as we just missed a train when we arrived at Chorley we had to wait half an hour for the next one. As we'd lost some time we ended up in eating in McDonalds! Never mind Mum was happy, she happens to like McDonalds! And I was happy as I had my first Creme Egg McFlurry (after Easter, LOL.)

We then went to the theatre and found our seats, as we'd booked this quite early we had really good seats near the front of the stalls! I love this photo and plan to print and frame it to give her on her actual Birthday (the 20th.)

 The show was amazing! The costumes were out of this world, so realistic! During the interval I went up onto the stage to meet Old Deuteronomy and got his autograph! The main thing was Mum enjoyed it too, this was her first time in a theatre in years!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Happy Birthday Chris!

Today is Chris' 18th Birthday! We were invited to the Shrimp to celebrate with him.

with Ben, Emma, Charlie and Courtney.
Chris is currently working as an Estate Agent but his long term goal is to be a property developer so my sister had this fantastic cake made for him!
Oh no, the roof is on fire, LOL!

So proud of you matey! Happy Birthday!


Starting to plan the big one!!

Before I start this post I wish to point out that I haven't yet turned 39! (That happens in a few weeks, 4 1/2 to be exact, LOL!) Anyway, I have been having thoughts about how I would like to mark my 'big birthday.' There's no harm in thoughts and I have a few ideas in mind, one of which we are currently saving for, LOL!
So, one thing I would definitely like to do is cross stitch something to commemorate the occasion. I have decided I will start stitching it at the beginning of next year with the hope of finishing it in time. I know what I can be like sometimes at making choices, especially when it comes to what to stitch (although my current 'to do' list would argue otherwise!) I started googling, I had something in mind linked with what we are saving for! As I will have mentioned before I am a bit of a Disney buff! I actually really like the older traditional Disney characters, I quite like the pencil drawn Mickey Mouse images, my mouse mat (no pun intended) is a perfect example of these and being the saddo that I am I just scanned it in to show you!

Whenever you think of Disney you think of Mickey and Minnie Mouse so that's what I googled for. I couldn't believe it, almost instantly an image popped up and I just knew that was the one! I googled some more just really to tease myself but nothing compared to the one I'd seen first. Next came a VERY big problem! It was discontinued and had been for a very long time, worse still, when it was available it could only be bought in the Disney parks! That makes it incredibly rare. So after some disappointing links where you think it's in stock but it's not (and they were all in America anyway) I headed over to my friend Ebay! I was lucky, there was just one auction where it was available (and no completed listings which meant one hadn't been sold for some time) but as it is so rare it was listed at more than I would have felt comfortable paying. They did have a 'best offer' function set up on the auction and bearing in mind of the shipping (from America) and import taxes etc. I submitted my best price but after trying counter offers we couldn't reach a deal. I REALLY wanted it but there had to be a limit. Then I absolutely could not believe it, one happened to come up in the UK a couple of days later!! I just felt it was meant to be, there hadn't been one sold on Ebay for so long but I happened to look at the right time. It was a new listing and was running for a week......a week, how could I calm myself, LOL!! I slowly watched it going up and up in price and felt I had to be realistic, I wasn't stitching it until next year, there was every chance another could come up but would one? Oh the dilemma! I decided to set my limit at what I was prepared to pay for the American one including shipping and taxes. I waited until the very last minute to bid! I watched the clock go down and in the last few seconds someone bid against me but I was still in the lead. It ended around £10 less than my highest bid!! I was, and still am delighted! Now I have received the kit I probably would have been prepared to go a little higher but that doesn't matter now. (In fairness I actually think I got it at a very good price, the suggested framing size for this piece is 20"x16" so it's fairly big!) I won the auction yesterday afternoon and it arrived today! The seller was lovely and was delighted with my intentions. She had bought so many kits over the years she has overwhelmed herself and had decided to let some go. What I love about the image is that it's Mickey and Minnie as we know and love them but I think it has a slight vintage feel about it. Just to note, I am only going to stitch Mickey and Minnie (and the moon.) As much as Pluto is a cutie I just love the two of them together. (I will also be missing off the fishing rod and can!) I can't wait to get started on it, it's going to be very hard to resist not putting a few stitches in but I will! This project will be started on the 1st of January 2014! What do you think.......do you like it?

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Happy Birthday Karin and Dan!

Dan celebrated his 21st Birthday on the 22nd March and Karin celebrated her 50th on the 5th of April. We had a joint family meal for them this afternoon at the Golf club in Heysham. Happy Birthday Karin and Dan!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Soccer School

Charlie has just attended the Soccer School at Morecambe Football club. He has been playing football there on a Saturday morning for a few weeks now and when we were given a leaflet for the Soccer School it looked very interesting. It ran from Tuesday to Thursday each week of the school Easter holidays so we sent him this week. It was so well organised, as it was his first time for him, the School gave the option of part payment/attendance to see if he liked it, if he did we just paid the balance. So Tuesday was trial day, he loved it! He was absolutely full of it when he came home and desperately wanted to attend the rest of the week. :D At the end he was presented with a certificate!

Monday, 1 April 2013

Hoppy Easter!

On Thursday the children could wear an Easter bonnet to school that they had made for the family service assembly, sadly I wasn't able to go to the assembly due to work. On Wednesday evening Charlie and I set to creating him the perfect bonnet! (The bonnet is all Charlie's work, I only guided him.)

Our Easter Sunday morning started as it does every Easter morning by attending church. We took part in the Easter Egg hunt in the church gardens too. Like last year, wool was tied around the trees and bushes and that was exchanged for little eggs.
The Easter Bunny was very kind to Charlie and Courtney! (I love this pic!)
and here's their gifts.
Mark and I are a bit hit and miss with Easter Eggs, some years we buy others we don't! This year we did! Cadbury's Creme Eggs are the best thing on the chocolate planet. Fact!

Charlie and Courtney had been invited by Uncle John and Aunty Amanda to spend a fun filled Easter night with them, it all sounded very exciting! We took full advantage! As we missed out on celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary we booked a hotel nearby John and Amanda's. (Other than staying with Nanna and Grandad, this was the first time they'd stayed over anywhere. We knew they'd be fine but stayed nearby.) So, 6 weeks late here's us on our Anniversary meal!

Ahem, is this where I admit our bad parents moment? When we were in our room we were looking through the photos and Mark asked "Where are our eggs?" Oh dear, we'd forgotten to actually give Charlie and Courtney their Easter Eggs from us!! It was the first thing we did when we got home!