Friday, 19 April 2013

First lost tooth!

There has been much excitement in our house over the last couple of days! Charlie lost his first tooth whilst eating breakfast yesterday. (he actually has lost his tooth, we don't know where it's gone, presumed swallowed!) It was so unexpected as we didn't even know he had a wobbly one!

Last night he wrote a note for the tooth fairy.

The tooth Fairy was very kind, she took his note and left him £1 and a first tooth certificate! Wow! 
Even Mummy got a nice surprise! The Tooth Fairy sent me Charlie's little note back in the post as she knew I would want to scrapbook it, the postman delivered it this morning whilst Charlie was at school! ;D


  1. Where did you get the template to make the certificate?

    1. I just googled for it and then adapted it for a boy. :D