Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Charlie was super excited about Halloween this year, we don't know where it all came from but he wished everyone he saw a Happy Halloween and couldn't wait to get dressed up in the evening! We went to collect Courtney from Nursery and had a fright, LOL!

We don't go around trick or treating, instead we visit family! Firstly we went to my Mum's where Charlie and Courtney got quite a few treats for their bucket. Next we went onto Mark's parents where Aunty Karin and Daniel were too. Again, their buckets were generously filled and Sylvia had baked a cake with Charlie on Monday for us all to share. Hughie had also carved a pumpkin with him who was named 'Peter Pumpkin!'
We have enough sweets now to last us until Christmas!!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Red Bank Farm

This morning we met up with my friends that I qualified (NNEB Diploma in Nursery Nursing, 1992) with and their children. You would not believe the fun they all had playing, they were challenging each other who could make the biggest splash throwing stones into the rock pools! The stones were getting bigger and bigger!!

Lucy, Terrina's youngest daughter slipped and got muddy all over, we all giggled and gave her the title of having the muckiest child! That was until Charlie then shipped too and made as much of a mess of himself. Then just to pass the title onto me Courtney decided to fall into a puddle (rock pool) right up to her middle!! Still, they had massive fun and that's all that matters!! Thankfully we had already been into the cafe and seen the animals so the easiest thing to do was strip them both off, cover them in blankets in the car and put them straight into the bath when we got home, LOL!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

I sit, I wait and something happens!

Yay!! Courtney is {almost} potty trained! The title of my post is line from a potty training book that we used with both Charlie and Courtney. She's got number 1's well and truly worked out! We have a little work still to do with number 2's but I think confidence is the issue and it'll fall into place with her soon. We have had success so she knows what to do, we just need to build on that success, she will do it though, bless her! Another quote from the book is 'Mummy says, I'm so proud of you' We've changed it slightly to Mummy and Daddy and we certainly are proud of her!

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Happy 16th Birthday Ben!

Today our nephew turned 16! We're very proud of you Ben! Charlie and Courtney certainly enjoyed the birthday celebrations which included a trip to Johnny's Fun Factory for them!

Charlie and Courtney with Cousins Ben and Emma (Chris was at work) and Aunty Nic (my sister)

Monday, 22 October 2012

Saturday Scrapping!

Saturday was Chorley Rose day where I met up with my crafting friends! I planned 2 layouts to do there and I'm really pleased with how both of them turned out. I've used the Studio Calico kit 'Central High' and scraplifted 2 of the designer's layouts. I needed to just do a couple of finishing touches when I got home so I've done those this evening.

Firstly, Charlie's first day back at school. I love this photo, I think it looks like he's about to burst into song, LOL! (I added the chalkboard, this wasn't included in the kit)

Secondly, Courtney's first haircut! I came across the 'First Haircut' scissors in the Silhouette Cameo (die cutting machine) store and knew they would be perfect for this layout! How cute is her first curl!

I really like how these 2 layouts were from the same kit but look totally different!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Harvest and 10m!

This morning we attended the Harvest service at Church. As always is was a lovely service. Charlie and Courtney went up to the front with Nanna (Mark's Mum) to hand in their Harvest gifts.
Charlie then went swimming and after a few weeks practice he gained his 10 metres, Yay!

Monday, 8 October 2012

Digi scrapping

I'm up late tonight, I can't remember the last time I was up at 1:15 am, LOL! I started a digital layout and time just slipped away! I'm really pleased with the finished article! It's about Charlie and my trip to London to watch the Paralympics.

Last night (Saturday) I also created a digi layout, this time about the Olympic torch's visit to our area.

I'm slowly catching up with my Scrapbooking, digi scrapping is a nice quick way to catch up! I still love tinkering with paper and embellishments but there's a certain satisfaction with completing a digital layout when you have a list to catch up!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

London cross stitch progress


I'm on the ball this month! After finishing the Jubilee cross stitch I decided to stitch the 'extra' bits on the London cross stitch before starting something new. I'd already stitched the Underground sign during June and July when I completed those squares, I'd also done the 'London' wording at the same time. (As I had some red threaded up I also did a couple of rows at the bottom of the telephone box.)
The telephone box, little man, Union Jack and postage stamp were all fun to stitch, I absolutely love this cross stitch, it's very easy to stitch and just looks so novel. When I'd completed the stamp I realised that it was the 1st the next day so I resisted and yesterday stitched the soldier square, completing the polaroid frame backstitch today. Only 2 squares to go on the project now! Tower bridge at the top and a cute little man standing with an umbrella waiting for a taxi at the bottom!