Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Last day!

It was the end of an era today! Charlie started Sandcastles nursery September 2009 and today Courtney had her last day! Almost 4 years of me going to Nursery, it's going to seem strange not going anymore. Courtney was excited to take in her gifts this morning.

She insisted on carrying them all herself! Nursery were delighted. I snapped a quick pic of Courtney with her wonderful key worker Julie before I left.
I had been feeling emotional all day, my little girl ready to leave to go to big school! I was brave and managed to hold back the tears as we said our goodbyes to Nursery!!
Today was also Charlie's last day of Year 1!

Friday, 19 July 2013

Another water fight!

So, school have been having quite a lot of activities recently. The new head (this is his second year, he started the same year as Charlie) is all for fun! He's super and yesterday we received a text saying there was a giant water fight on the school field today at 2:00! Parents could join in and I will admit I chickened out of this one but I did go along and watch a little later on. It looked like everyone was having super fun! I took this pic this morning, the message was the bigger water gun the better, here's Charlie's!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Not to miss out!

Call me sad, call me silly but when I saw this at work I couldn't resist!!! LOL!!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

'Emily Day'

We are delighted to be part of such a lovely school, the varied range of activities is amazing, there is a real community feel to it and Charlie really enjoys attending. Sadly last year the school lost one of it's pupils during the school holidays. Emily had a condition all her life but as she showed no symptoms she lived with it and nobody knew. One day she just felt unwell and shortly after arriving at hospital passed away, it was very sad. The school arranged a fun day in her memory today as it is almost a year since she died. Her favourite colours were pink and purple so that was the theme for the day. (boys were allowed to wear bright colours) We arrived at school and it was magical, balloons at the gates, several bubble machines dotted around school and bunting made by the pupils. At the entrance there were 2 men on stilts riding what I think were pink ostriches! They were very amusing anyway and I was a little annoyed that I hadn't thought to take my camera. The children enjoyed fun activities in the morning and at lunchtime families were invited to join in a picnic on the school field. It was so nice to have lunch together and the atmosphere was lovely.

After school we were invited again to enjoy ice cream and scones with jam and cream on the school field. We could have then joined in a trip to the beach but unfortunately we couldn't go. I think it was a very poignant, happy day in memory of a lovely little girl.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Charlie's Ark

My latest cross stitch project is this piece.

It is called 'Charlie & Sally' but I've renamed it 'Charlie & Courtney.' I have had it for a couple of years and did make a start on the little girl's head and a little of her dress, then it was abandoned. I didn't really know at the time why I lost interest, I just did. A few weeks ago I was reminded about this kit by my friend Tree. I was totally inspired again and I realised that it was because I was stitching on aida, the fabric supplied with the kit. Once I got going on evenweave there was no stopping me. I have to admit that due to the heat I have been a little intermittent recently in my stitching but the little girl is now complete, she's delightful! (I took this photo whilst at Chorley crop yesterday and have since stitched the rainbow.)

Friday, 12 July 2013


So it seems the American nursery graduation idea has come to Lancashire! It's all good fun though, here is Courtney graduating from Sandcastles Nursery! How cute and a beautiful smile! (Photo was taken on the 27th of June but was only collected today)


The class of 2013

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Sports Day

It was a little cloudy for this morning's sports day which actually was better as we didn't have to plaster ourselves in sun tan lotion and bake! This year Daddy came too. :D
Charlie did really well in his 2 races, firstly it was the obstacle course! His team (red) came second.

Next was the relay where his team came third!

It's funny to think that this time next year Courtney will be joining her brother in sport's day instead of spectating.

A busy day - Splash Park, School Induction & Morecambe FC tour.

Yesterday was so busy! In the morning Courtney and I met up with Judith, Deborah and their girls Ruby and Rebecca (or as known in our household as 'Rubybecca' all one word!) The girls were all born within a month, Courtney first on the 7th March, then Ruby on the 8th and Rebecca on the 3rd of April. They are great friends and will really miss each other when they start school as they are all going to different ones but will see each other in school hols. This was our last meet up before they start school. (we may get a chance to meet in this year's summer break but nothing has been arranged yet and there will be all the boys too!) We met up in Happy Mount Park and had a little play on the swings as the splash park wasn't quite open. The splash park is fab and we've been having a really lovely run of sunny weather so was the perfect activity. All the girls loved it!

We ate a picnic in the park but Judith and I had to leave just after as our girls had their induction afternoons at school. Courtney's was at 1:30, she was very excited!

Once inside she was 'labelled' up and ready to play! She didn't look back, I'm really pleased she's so confident going into school but she has been used to it when we take and pick up Charlie.

She didn't look like this when she came out.......oh no, not our girl! She was covered in yellow paint!! but she'd had fun and that's the main thing. :D

In the evening Charlie had been invited to a tour of Morecambe Football Club by his coach, Jeremy. He was delighted, Mark and I tagged along! It was a very good tour, we started in the Boardroom, I was all for staying in there, the air con was lovely!!

We then went out onto the area where the board members sit during the game and the area where the tannoys are done. Joshua (Charlie's best friend) got to make a couple of announcements! It was then time to make our way to the sidelines and sit in a very important spot!

We walked along and saw the Burnley player's warming up before making our way inside again. The next room stunk, like was REALLY smelly! The boot room, both training and game boots are kept in there, I couldn't wait to get out!!

How lucky were we, we were taken into the players changing room! The boys were able to ask the players questions before posing for the pic!

Finally on the tour we were shown the kit room where kits are distributed before the game. Whilst in here the boys were given a packet of Jaffa cakes! Yep, on a hot sticky night the boys got Jaffa cakes, LOL!! You can imagine what they were like by the time we got to our seats!!

waiting for the game to begin

We only planned to stay for the first half of the game as it was a school night, the score when we left was 0-0 but by the end Morecambe won 1-0.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Water laugh!

Just lazing on a lovely sunny Saturday afternoon when just a splash of water turns into a full on water fight!! Great fun!! Notice the biggest victim!! they all had it in for me, LOL!!

Self timed pic, who is the wettest???

Monday, 1 July 2013

Playing schools

That cute moment when Charlie brings home a Reception worksheet as homework for Courtney!! Then proceeds in playing teachers where he instructs her what to do! Bless!