Sunday, 31 October 2010

Halloween fun!

Charlie is far too young to go out trick or treating so we take him around the family. This year he got right into it declaring 'Trick or Treat' every time we went into the house! There is a garden in Heysham which is decorated through every occasion in the year! They always make a fabulous effort so we went to have a look! And tonight we had out last photo taken as a family of 3!♥

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

My craft room

Finally, i've grabbed 5 minutes to blog about my lovely room! I'm so happy with it, it's coming together really nicely, there are still a few bits and bobs to do but on the whole it's looking fab! Thank you so much to my lovely friend Jen who has been wonderful helping me put it all together! I've pinched these few piccis from her blog!

note the cute doormat!

and I totally adore the knobs I chose!

Whilst we were moving the embellishments around Jen spotted an acrylic frame, I commented it was a shame it wasn't a little bigger as it could have surrounded my light switch. When we tried it we were amazed to discover it actually was the perfect size, it was obviously meant to be!! So I backed it with a scrap of red paper and mounted it.

My gorgeous antique plan chest is in place

and this is Jen! The top of the expedit has warped for some strange reason so this is Jen encouraging it back into shape, LOL!!

There are a few more piccis on Jen's blog here and a few in between ones here from her last visit. (although if you do look at these pics please excuse the state of my hair,LOL!! I just kind of threw it up for working!!)
Still to do list:
*Mount Hensvik onto either legs or the wall (the white 6 square unit on top of the 2 white cupboards)
*Put doors and handles onto bookcase (and add extra shelves)
*make up and add the 2 missing drawers! (ikea were out of stock on the first trip)
*Touch up paint work!
*Put up some pictures and the clock
*get all my cupcake accessories out
*Order the protective glass for the desk area.
*Sort out and order some blinds for the window and door

I've probably forgotten something but that's enough of a to do list for now, LOL!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

It's official!

I really need to update about the garden and my craft room, it is my intention but I just had to come on to say about our gorgeous daughter, Courtney Grace! Yesterday we went to panel for the official linking, the decision was unanimous and Courtney is now officially our daughter. Subject to the adjudicator's letter arriving in time (as it was late when we were due to meet Charlie) we are going to meet her on the 1st November, spend every day with her bridging with a view to bringing her home on the 9th! :yay:

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Disney on Ice

We took Charlie to see Disney on Ice at the M.E.N arena in Manchester today. We thought Charlie might enjoy going on the train too, so that's what we did! The theme this year is celebrating 100 years of Disney. It was a fantastic show with a great variety of scenes. I had 2 favourites, It's a Small World, i'm a sucker for that ride every time we visit Disney so to see it come to life on ice was magical and the other was The Lion King, my all time favourite Disney film. I love the story, the music and the characters! Pumbaa was sooooo funny this afternoon! 'and I get downhearted every time that I......' Hey Pumbaa, not in front of the kids!

Friday, 15 October 2010


I really wanted to mark 10.10.10 with some photos so we went out for an evening walk around a little park in Torrisholme. Charlie had great fun playing in the leaves!

Day 18 & 19

The garden has almost been finished in the last couple of days! The builder is coming back tomorrow to grout the new patio area and lay the turf! (you can just about make out the pile of turf to the left of the conservatory) The trampoline is now in the ground, we decided to leave the net on it for now for safety. We were going to look into crash mats for the wall but figured as we already had the net it was better. I'm sorry the photos are so dark, it was dusk when I took them! 2 of these photos were taken from outside my craft room and the other is to show the color of the new patio area. It'll all need a good clean and Mark will need to paint up the shed (!) but it's coming together nicely. I think the garden looks huge now! When I think how we were happy with the smaller garden, it was nothing in comparison to what we have now! That extra 10 foot of land has made a huge difference and it amazes me that there used to be a huge tree right in the middle!! (just to note the tree belonged to the pub next door, it was never looked after and was very straggly, we bought the land off a neighbour who originally bought the land from the brewery and he cut down the tree before we bought the land)

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Ikea explosion!!!

Golly, i'm cream crackered at the moment, we've just been to pick up all the bits needed from Ikea for my craft room :yay: (except for 2 single drawers which were out of stock, they had 7, I needed 9) This isn't everything, there is a mini explosion in Charlie's room too as we bought Courtney's cot and mattress and pink sheets!♥
*Disclaimer* Jen, if you're feeling of a nervous disposition don't look at the photos, LOL!

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Day 17

........and it's plastered!!

Apart from the electrics building wise the inside of my room is finished.....Yippee!! :D Charlie and I were in there earlier with the door closed and a torch making noises to hear the echo, he loved it.♥
I need to go and get some colour charts to decide what shade to paint it, I know the colour I want and if I could remember the name of the colour our bathroom is it would have been perfect, LOL! I will match the shade cards as near to it as I can but i'm keeping it secret for now (unless you've been to my loo, LOL!!) The glass has also now been fitted and the new garage door and window have also been fitted. The next job is to fix the gutterings and pebble dash it all. We are replacing the patio area with new stone that matches the copings on the wall and then we'll have new turf laid! The trampoline is still to be sunk into the ground too but the hole is dug! (and it's currently full of water, LOL!)

Friday, 8 October 2010

Roll on the 20th!

Panel date has been confirmed for the 20th of October, Yay! we are very excited, it means we will be meeting our daughter, Courtney, on the 1st of November!

Day 15 and 16

Day 15, the electrician came, he was really nice and did a smashing job! He listened to everything I wanted and made some good suggestions! He's coming back to finish the light and sockets once the plasterer has finished.

Day 16, today has been brilliant! It really is starting to feel like a room, LOL! The progress made today has made me really happy, after weeks of frustrations it's all now coming together nicely. The insulation and plaster board has been installed and the door and window frames! Tomorrow the plasterer is coming!

Just because....... little man is sooooooo gorgeous! Love you Charlie xxx

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Day 14

Yet another 2 weeks passed without seeing our builder, to say we are getting very down with it all would be an understatement! The roofing was meant to be delivered last Monday but didn't arrive until Tuesday. The builder was on another job so didn't get here until Saturday. When he came he did what he could but apparently there are parts missing, the roof is on but not secured properly yet. The windows were due to arrive today but they have now been put back until Thursday, it's all just very frustrating!!! I've actually spoken to the builder over the phone this morning and told him i'm not happy (he's not happy either as he wants the money!) I've told him i'd like it finished as soon as possible as he quoted us 3 weeks and we've entered week 8! Hey ho! I'm almost ready now for it to be completed! i've only got a couple of things left to sort through. :D

Saturday, 2 October 2010


Hello my poor neglected blog! I can't believe it's over 2 weeks since I posted!

Last Friday I went down to London, the main purpose of my trip was to go to the big Scrapbooking and Stamping fair at Alexandra Palace but I decided to have a theatre trip too! I had a good look around and decided on Billy Elliot in the end, it was fantastic! I had a really good seat in the stalls too :D The theatre was only a 10 minute walk to my hotel, so an added bonus! On Saturday morning I set off to Ally Pally where I joined hoards of woman (and some men, LOL) for the craft show! There were quite a few exhibitors that I recognised a quite a few that I didn't so it was a nice mix! I managed to spend up my budget anyway! I'd finished wandering around by 3ish and my train wasn't until 7:30 so I decided to take a trip on the hop on hop off bus around the city, I really enjoyed it. I sat on the open top deck and froze as we travelled around, LOL!
I quite liked being my own boss for the weekend, making choices on my own but it was so good to get home and see Mark and Charlie too, i'd really missed them!

We are on a promise of a builder tomorrow, the job has just been a total standstill for a few weeks now and it's getting us down but the roofing has finally arrived and the windows are due on Tuesday so i'm hoping by the end of next week it'll be looking a lot different (*has everything crossed*)