Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Got Style?

My girlie has! Today I took her for her second haircut and it is now thick enough to cut into a style, Yay! Bless her, she is 4 next Thursday and finally her hair is starting to grow through nicely. For months it has looked a bit of a tatty mess shortly after brushing and she loves to wear girlie hair clips and bands but she's never been able to keep them in, maybe now she can? I love her fringe and how neat it looks, how cute is her little flick! This photo was grabbed quickly just before bedtime on my phone so not the best quality but it gives you the idea!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Half Term Fun

It doesn't seem 5 minutes since Christmas and already we are at February half term! I was off work too this week which was nice, we had something planned every day so it was a very busy school holiday.

Monday morning Courtney was at nursery (it's a private nursery so is open all year round) so Charlie and I did some jobs. In the afternoon we had our long awaited dentist check up. I say long awaited as our November appointment was cancelled due to the dentist going into hospital, the second appointment was made for December but it coincided with one of Charlie's Christmas school activities so we cancelled. They then said they'd ring us back as their bookings needed changing around. They never did so I rang and made this appointment when we came home from holiday. 

Tuesday morning we met up with Kathryn, Jessica and Daniel in Happy Mount Park. We played on the swings and went into the cafe, for some reason I didn't take any photos that day.

Wednesday we met up with Judith, Terrina and Deborah with their children. It was a pleasant day, just a bit chilly so we braved the promenade! All the children took their scooters or prams. I felt for Charlie as he doesn't have a scooter, he was quite happy to push along his trolley though. We almost got a full house for this photo but Rebecca was still busy scooting, bless her!

This area used to be an outdoor swimming pool and they now use it for a travelling fairground, when the fairground isn't there it make and ideal playing area for scooters! After chilling ourselves to the bone we went along to the Eric Morecambe cafe, all the children sat together in this booth, there was no escaping my camera now! (the adults sat in the booth next to them!)

Thursday was Charlie and Mummy's day! Courtney was at nursery again so I gave him the choice of activity. He chose swimming. I'd told him if he tried hard and showed me some things he'd been doing in his lesson he could have a scooter as a half term treat. I'd looked online and realised it was an inflatable session at our local pool. We didn't let that put us off and we were able to swim quite freely really, just the occasional float came our way. We had a play with a circular one chasing each other around it. I fulfilled my promise on the way home. We picked up a bargain really, the scooter was reduced from £10 to £8. Mark finished in time to pick Courtney up so we all went together and took her scooter too for a little walk along the prom.

Friday was an exciting day, we'd booked tickets to see a Blunderbus production of 'The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark.' We picked Courtney up early from nursery and went to the Platform in Morecambe. There was only 3 people starring in the show and as we arrived they were going around the audience interacting with both the children and adults. They then incorporated some names into the production. It was excellent, a lovely story very nicely performed and it had everybody there enchanted.

 Meeting 'Plop'

The week whizzed by and soon it was time to think about uniforms and dinner money again, LOL!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Pancake Day!

Pancake day is always enjoyed in our house! These days though, after many disasters in previous years, we buy ready made ones and just heat them up, slight cheat, I know! Both Charlie and Courtney enjoyed putting their fillings on, we can guarantee they will both eat well on this day every year!

Friday, 8 February 2013

Happy Anniversary Mr L!

Yesterday my wonderful hubby and I have been married 15 years (and our 16th Anniversary of being together!) It's just a real shame neither of us were well enough to celebrate at all and Mark had a really bad day at work, he didn't arrive home until just before 9:00pm, just in time to wish me goodnight as I needed to go to bed!
My truly amazing man did send me a screen text the other day though with a picture he'd doodled on his phone! I've set it as my lock screen wallpaper! (It does say 'you' under the slide bar.) Note my new phone! Love love love my iPhone 4s. I bought it from Ebay a couple of weeks ago, I've hankered after one for a long while and finally gave in!! :D

Monday, 4 February 2013

Holly is finished and some Digi Scrapping.

From start to finish I have absolutely loved Holly! She has been a joy to stitch. I finished the stitching a couple of nights ago but have only attached the berry beads this morning.

It was the robins that surround her that first attracted me to this piece. How adorable! Have you seen the white thread? I'd never worked with anything like it before. It seems to be wool based and provided in the kit was a velcro circle to 'fluff' it up.

As I mentioned last year before I started stitching her, she is from a Country Lass series designed Lesley Teare, kits by Bothy Threads. I was going to decide whether to stitch another 3 to make up a seasons set. Well as she was such a lovely lass to work on and seeing as my lovely friend Sue bought me 'Susannah' as my Secret Santa and as Bothy currently have a sale on it would be rude not to!! Susannah is so sweet too and I adore that Sue bought me her because of their similar name. So that's winter and Autumn sorted! Spring is going to be April and summer I am deliberating over, it will either be Rose or Daisy! I like them both, I think Rose is more summery but Daisy is 'cuter' (and I like her cat!) but I am contemplating if there is enough colour in her compared to the others. I'm going to copy all the pictures from the site and put them in a collage to decide! Edited: here are the collages, I think I've decided! Which would you stitch?

with Rose

with Daisy

Last night I sorted through my layout list. I have about 12 layouts to do to complete my 2012 album. I have ideas for a few of them and have decided to do about 4 digitally. Here are the first 2, I did the Nativity one last night using a template and idea from the store I bought the digital art from and the Coca-Cola truck layout I did this morning.