Saturday, 15 March 2014

Favourite family photo

It's my Aunty Win's Birthday soon and all she wanted was family photographs. My brother in law is a very talented photographer so we went down to his studio. Charlie and Courtney were very good and posed like professionals, I think Aunty Nic (my sister) bopping Uncle Jon on the head helped, lol! Of course we didn't just pose for the pic for her Birthday, we bought her a voucher too. Aunty Win was delighted with the photo (and the voucher) are we! I've ordered it as a canvas for the conservatory.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

How Big?

Shortly after adopting Charlie at just 12 months old we have been measuring his height every other month, then started Courtney's when she came along 2 years later at 20 months old. I really pleased we have kept it up and now the children have started reminding us as they enjoy seeing how much they've grown. We measure them on the inside of the under stairs cupboard door. I love seeing the measurements every time we open the door, they make me smile :D

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Once Upon a Time...

Oh dear, I'm so naughty! Today I started on a new cross stitch, I started it because I'm already 3 months behind and don't want to fall too far behind or else I will lose interest. I will stitch this along side Mickey and Minnie, stitching whichever one takes my fancy but bearing in mind that I would like Mickey and Minnie finished by my birthday! Anyway, this project is called Once Upon a Time by The Frosted Pumpkin It was meant as a stitch-a-long but I'm thinking that I'd just like to do it as a 2014 project and hopefully have it finished by the end of the year.

Courtney is 5!

Little Miss Courtney was 5 yesterday! She was super excited! She was at school for her Birthday so we had a quick pressie opening before.

She skipped happily into school, apparently they get to ring the bell when it's their Birthday! Whilst she was at school Calico claimed her castle! She stayed in there all day until Courtney came home and repossession took place, lol!
We'd never done this before but we decided to hold her party on her actual Birthday. It seemed to work well. Here she is all ready!
The party was absolutely amazing, it was at Madam Chocolat in Morecambe. We were greeted with a chocolate fountain, always popular! The first half an hour the children were taught about cookie mix, how sugar makes it sweet, how margarine makes it all stick together etc, then they got to cut shapes out of it. Each child was given a baking tray with baking paper to write their names on. Their shapes were then put on them to be cooked. The second half an hour was food time, all beautifully served on china crockery and jelly set into china tea sweet. The last half hour was messy....very messy!! Cupcake decorating time, whatever you can think of to decorate a cupcake was there and nothing was in short supply, all the children had a whale of a time! At the end each child had a box of biscuits and 4 decorated cupcakes. We did buy the party bags too but they weren't really needed.
The day still wasn't over, when we got home family came to visit to sing another round of Happy Birthday and another lot of candles to blow out! Daddy made Courtney a number 5 cake, it was fab!

Friday, 28 February 2014

M&M cross stitch update number 2

There has been great progress since my last update, I can't tell you how much I am enjoying stitching this piece.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Ben Bear

The school bear 'Ben Bear' came home for a visit! He had great fun in Charlie's company and played with all his toys! Charlie had to write all about his adventures in his diary. Such a sweet activity :D


When I was a child the only family holiday we ever went on was to Butlins in Ayr, Scotland. To be honest I only have very vague recollections of it as I was so young and I think this is the only photo that we have of our time there but I love this pic! Grandma, Dad, Mum and Grandad with me and my sister in front!

So fast forward quite a number of years and we find out that Scooby Doo is currently doing the Butlins circuit! Charlie is Scooby Doo crazy! He just loves him and watches it every night after school, imagine being able to not only meet him but go and see a live show with everyone in it! We decided to book a weekend of half term in Skegness. The unfortunate thing was they were back at school on Monday so we were only able to stay 2 out of the 3 nights but never mind. Once we'd booked I went to the travel agent to get a brochure. Only then did we find out that Angelina Ballerina was also going to be there and Courtney could do a dance class with her!! Amazing for both children. There were a number of characters there that they were both familiar with so it was excellent!
I have to say we had an absolutely fabulous weekend away! Our chalet was nice, the fairground good fun and the swimming pool had just gone through a multi million pound renovation so was great! I can't see how anyone could get bored! It's somewhere I'd like to visit again at some point! Just such good fun!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The 40th's: Part 2

Back in October is was Deborah's 40th. Tomorrow it is Terrina's, last night we went out for a meal to the Keys in Slyne to celebrate :D

(next is mine........)

Monday, 17 February 2014

Maritime Museum.

It's quite some time since I have been to the Maritime Museum in Lancaster, I think the last time was way back when I was training to be a Nursery Nurse around 1990-1992! It was a wet day so when deciding what to do with Kathryn, Jessica and Daniel I suggested it as we have an 'Explorer' ticket and this museum was listed on it. The ticket is well worth having as we all got in free! I have to say I have no memories at all of the museum, obviously it will have changed in all that time but nothing was familiar so I was looking through fresh eyes. It was very interesting and there were interactive parts with no supervision so you really felt like you could enjoy it. After we'd looked around we went to the cafe and in that area there is an educational bit with colouring and work sheets.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Charlie's Family Service.

Since Rvnd. Tickner left family services have taken on a different format. Each year group does a presentation now instead of a sermon. (Our organist leads the service) This morning was Year 2's turn and being so close to Valentines their theme was LOVE. So cute!

Friday, 7 February 2014

Happy Anniversary Mr. L.

Today we celebrated our 16th Wedding Anniversary and 17th of being together. Love you Mark xxx

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Chinese New Year

Lancaster library held an event to mark Chinese New Year. There were a number of activities we could join in with, leaning to write your name in Chinese, learning about the culture and more. The children were invited to make a card to celebrate. The people who had organised it were so helpful both Charlie and Courtney had a go at Chinese writing, they did well with it!

and yesterday Courtney made an egg box dragon at school which we photographed this morning.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

M&M cross stitch update

Just at the moment it seems easy stitching and Mickey's head is finished :D

Saturday, 11 January 2014


I was at my monthly Chorley craft group when I got a phone call, there had been an accident on the landing!! And it was serious!! Then followed the photo on my phone..........

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year's Day.

How naughty are we, I say we, it was actually me! I went to wake Charlie and Courtney to celebrate New Year with us as I thought Charlie would like to see the fireworks at Big Ben. It turned out he didn't and all he wanted to do was go back to bed, LOL! He did however willingly pose for a pic first! Courtney loved it though.

We decided just to have a chilled day, no visitors, just us and time to enjoy Christmas pressies. The children had got plaster moulding kits so we set to making those, it was fun!

As it is the 1st day of 2014 it meant I could finally start Mickey and Minnie, golly I have been patient but stuck to my word. The first few stitches were put in today :D.

Happy New Year!!

I love this image, it depicts Mark, myself, Charlie and Courtney brilliantly! Courtney tells me she has a Hello Kitty bow in her hair, bless her!
Well It's approaching 1:30am and I should have been in bed some time ago but just wanted to wish my readers a very happy 2014!! Hope the year is kind to you! I am very much looking forward to this year, my 'big' Birthday year!! There's so much to look forward to surrounding it that I'm embracing it and am excited about it! They say life begins at 40.......let's see how it goes!!