Monday, 28 February 2011

My next cross stitch project(s)

For quite a long time I have wanted to stitch something each for Charlie and Courtney. There are so many cute designs and choosing was difficult as I really want them to be special. Tree recommended a site called Country Cottage Needleworks oh, by golly I love their designs, they are very 'me!' At first I took a liking to the Nursery Rhyme collection and had decided on little Bo Peep for Courtney but had a dilemma for Charlie as there were only 2 boy designs, one was Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater that I hadn't heard of and Little Boy Blue that Charlie hasn't heard of! I did think I could stitch Jack and Jill for him but then realised they were only 6x4" big and I wanted to stitch something bigger! I stumbled across the perfect designs in the 'new' section! I'm stitching 'Bunny Hop' for Charlie and 'Sheep in the meadow' for Courtney. I've just ordered everything I need tonight and am really excited to stitch these for my children♥

A Scrappy Weekend!

Thank you so much to my lovely friend Jen for coming over and scrapping with me in my craft room this weekend. When Jen designed my room for me I wanted enough room for 2 to scrap together and as you can see on the photo her design worked perfectly!! Jen is moving to New Zealand very soon (*sob*) so I really appreciated the time we spent together. Jen was a speed machine and I lost count how many layouts she created! I managed almost 4 (I couldn't finish the last one as I needed a sheet of paper I was waiting on in an order, which typically arrived today!) I also made my Easter swap for the Chorley Roses, I'm really pleased with it and hope my recipient likes it too!

Mini Masterpiece!

On Thursday when I went to pick Charlie up from Nursery there were some HUGE paintings hanging up and I thought to myself I pity those parents having to take them home.........then I noticed Charlie's name on one, LOL!! It was for Daddy (as most of Charlie's artwork is!) Daddy was so proud of his trampoline picture as Charlie tells us that's what it is that he hung it up in our bedroom over my Australia cross stitch and it has remained there ever since!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

'Coffee and Cuddles' is complete!

It's currently 12:50am and this is the latest I've stayed up for quite a few nights! There is a very good reason for my late night, I was busy working on my cross stitch! I started it a couple of days into our holiday and haven't worked constantly at it but in all it's taken me just over 4 weeks to complete! I am so thrilled with how it has turned out, it's just soooooo cute, LOL! I can't wait to get it framed and into my craft room :D

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Charlie's ambition!

Maddie was having a conversation with Charlie tonight and she asked him what he'd like to be when he grows up, he answered...............a snowman!!!!!!!! Too cute♥

Thursday, 17 February 2011

We've booked to go to London!

The title says it all really! I've wanted to take Charlie and now Courtney for some time down to London, I know they're only young but I know they'll get a lot out of the trip, we're going on the train so I know Charlie especially will really like that, then there's chasing the pigeons in Trafalgar Square, the Guards at Buckingham Palace and of course no child's trip to London would be complete without a little trip to Hamleys, LOL! We've had a railcard for a little while now and never given it any use so now it's given us a lovely discount and how I love Mr Tesco! We always save our clubcard vouchers as they can be redeemed for 3 times their value in 'rewards' (It used to be 4 times and in 2009 we used our vouchers for both of us to have a hot air balloon flight) Anyway, we've accumulated quite a nice amount again which have enabled us to book a 5 star Marriott hotel on the banks of the River Thames! The hotel is situated right behind the Millennium wheel and overlooks Big Ben! We have had to add a little for the room but we had an amount in mind that we would have spent on a budget hotel so for the same amount and the vouchers we're staying 5 star!! I seriously can't wait!
I am also delighted that Dawn Inskip has brought out a new digital kit called I♥London so naturally I have purchased it and will really look forward to making a layout and minibook about our London adventures!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A Whole Year!

Happy 1st Birthday to my blog! When I started my blog I wasn't sure i'd keep it up but here I am one year later! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I truly appreciate it. xxx

Monday, 14 February 2011

To my Valentine.......

Lots of love from............??? xxx

Saturday, 12 February 2011


So, in my last two posts I've mentioned my beloved bear and made a comment that I may one day do a blog post about him, well that day has come, LOL!
This little teddy bear is my most treasured possession, he has been absolutely everywhere with me and even has his own passport! My great grandmother (Nanna, above) made him for me when my mum was pregnant with me, she was a fabulous toy maker, I have a few toys that she made for me as I was growing up but Michael has always been my favourite. His name is a bit of a funny story really, my sister has Michael's twin (I say twin, her bear is identical but is a whitish colour and is a year younger!) and he's called Andrew! Our cousins are called Andrew and Michael and my mum claims that we named our bears after them when we were little!!!
He's a fully jointed little chap but not all his arms and legs move anymore, you can tell how bear loved he is too! I used to suck my thumb as a child with him as my comfort! I lost count of the amount of times he visited 'bear hospital' and Nanna had to repair him. Fortunately my Nanna lived to 97, bless her, so he was well maintained more or less until I'd grown up! I remember being horrified every time my mum washed him in the twin tub machine, I'd see him come to the surface and go back down again, isn't it funny the things you remember!
Michael has always sat at the top of my bed, whether I've been at home on holiday or even in hospital! He's my bestest companion and is the best secret keeper I know, LOL!

Photos by Jen

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Happy Anniversary Mr Larmour!

It's just after midnight so I can now officially start celebrating our 13th Wedding Anniversary!
I can't even begin to tell you what my hubby means to me, I totally adore him! He works so hard to provide for me and the children, he is absolutely my world!
Happy Anniversary Mark, I ♥ U! xxx
Today also mark's our 14th Anniversary too! We met on Friday the 7th of February 1997 and married on Saturday the 7th of February 1998!

Note our pagebear! He's also a very special man in my life too, LOL! Maybe one day I should do a blog post about him!

Our lovely 'attendants' My sister, Nicola, was Maid of Honour. My best friend, Kathryn, was Bridesmaid and our niece, Maddie, was flower girl. Our 3 nephews were pageboys. Not sure what happened to the 'pagebear' in this pic, LOL!

This is truly a special photo, my Dad and I just before he gave me away. It'll be 5 years at the end of March since my Dad passed away so you can imagine how precious this photo is to me.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

We had a visitor!

Henry Bear came to visit last weekend from Nursery! He arrived home on Friday night and settled in nicely. He was such a busy bear and did so much on his weekend here. He made himself comfy in Charlie's bed and slept well, he ate his breakfast nicely and helped Charlie with the vacuuming! He went to Sunday School and learnt about Jonah and the Whale and then took in a bit of culture by visiting the Eric Morecambe statue. He also enjoyed some nice 'bear time' with my old bear Michael! In between all this he found time to play both inside and out!! I think he'd be ready for a rest when he returned to nursery on Monday morning!!!