Monday, 4 February 2013

Holly is finished and some Digi Scrapping.

From start to finish I have absolutely loved Holly! She has been a joy to stitch. I finished the stitching a couple of nights ago but have only attached the berry beads this morning.

It was the robins that surround her that first attracted me to this piece. How adorable! Have you seen the white thread? I'd never worked with anything like it before. It seems to be wool based and provided in the kit was a velcro circle to 'fluff' it up.

As I mentioned last year before I started stitching her, she is from a Country Lass series designed Lesley Teare, kits by Bothy Threads. I was going to decide whether to stitch another 3 to make up a seasons set. Well as she was such a lovely lass to work on and seeing as my lovely friend Sue bought me 'Susannah' as my Secret Santa and as Bothy currently have a sale on it would be rude not to!! Susannah is so sweet too and I adore that Sue bought me her because of their similar name. So that's winter and Autumn sorted! Spring is going to be April and summer I am deliberating over, it will either be Rose or Daisy! I like them both, I think Rose is more summery but Daisy is 'cuter' (and I like her cat!) but I am contemplating if there is enough colour in her compared to the others. I'm going to copy all the pictures from the site and put them in a collage to decide! Edited: here are the collages, I think I've decided! Which would you stitch?

with Rose

with Daisy

Last night I sorted through my layout list. I have about 12 layouts to do to complete my 2012 album. I have ideas for a few of them and have decided to do about 4 digitally. Here are the first 2, I did the Nativity one last night using a template and idea from the store I bought the digital art from and the Coca-Cola truck layout I did this morning.


  1. oh she looks smashing with all her beads on Karen, you must be tickled pink with her. Love the layouts too. Difficult choice on the lasses, they're all nice. Personally I would go for rose but then that kitty is very cute indeed :)

  2. She looks so pretty!!! I love your pages too. I haven't touched my stitchery in so long!!! Scrapbooking and DT work has kept me away. :( I would really love to finish some of my unfinished projects.