Saturday, 9 October 2010

Day 17

........and it's plastered!!

Apart from the electrics building wise the inside of my room is finished.....Yippee!! :D Charlie and I were in there earlier with the door closed and a torch making noises to hear the echo, he loved it.♥
I need to go and get some colour charts to decide what shade to paint it, I know the colour I want and if I could remember the name of the colour our bathroom is it would have been perfect, LOL! I will match the shade cards as near to it as I can but i'm keeping it secret for now (unless you've been to my loo, LOL!!) The glass has also now been fitted and the new garage door and window have also been fitted. The next job is to fix the gutterings and pebble dash it all. We are replacing the patio area with new stone that matches the copings on the wall and then we'll have new turf laid! The trampoline is still to be sunk into the ground too but the hole is dug! (and it's currently full of water, LOL!)


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  2. Funny you should say that! I actually said to Mark only about half an hour ago that if Jamie (the decorator) can come this week then I can invite you on Saturday, if you're free! (Charlie is at a party in the morning but it'll be over at 11:30 so you can come for lunch then work can commence, LOL!!