Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Day 14

Yet another 2 weeks passed without seeing our builder, to say we are getting very down with it all would be an understatement! The roofing was meant to be delivered last Monday but didn't arrive until Tuesday. The builder was on another job so didn't get here until Saturday. When he came he did what he could but apparently there are parts missing, the roof is on but not secured properly yet. The windows were due to arrive today but they have now been put back until Thursday, it's all just very frustrating!!! I've actually spoken to the builder over the phone this morning and told him i'm not happy (he's not happy either as he wants the money!) I've told him i'd like it finished as soon as possible as he quoted us 3 weeks and we've entered week 8! Hey ho! I'm almost ready now for it to be completed! i've only got a couple of things left to sort through. :D

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