Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A busy day - Splash Park, School Induction & Morecambe FC tour.

Yesterday was so busy! In the morning Courtney and I met up with Judith, Deborah and their girls Ruby and Rebecca (or as known in our household as 'Rubybecca' all one word!) The girls were all born within a month, Courtney first on the 7th March, then Ruby on the 8th and Rebecca on the 3rd of April. They are great friends and will really miss each other when they start school as they are all going to different ones but will see each other in school hols. This was our last meet up before they start school. (we may get a chance to meet in this year's summer break but nothing has been arranged yet and there will be all the boys too!) We met up in Happy Mount Park and had a little play on the swings as the splash park wasn't quite open. The splash park is fab and we've been having a really lovely run of sunny weather so was the perfect activity. All the girls loved it!

We ate a picnic in the park but Judith and I had to leave just after as our girls had their induction afternoons at school. Courtney's was at 1:30, she was very excited!

Once inside she was 'labelled' up and ready to play! She didn't look back, I'm really pleased she's so confident going into school but she has been used to it when we take and pick up Charlie.

She didn't look like this when she came out.......oh no, not our girl! She was covered in yellow paint!! but she'd had fun and that's the main thing. :D

In the evening Charlie had been invited to a tour of Morecambe Football Club by his coach, Jeremy. He was delighted, Mark and I tagged along! It was a very good tour, we started in the Boardroom, I was all for staying in there, the air con was lovely!!

We then went out onto the area where the board members sit during the game and the area where the tannoys are done. Joshua (Charlie's best friend) got to make a couple of announcements! It was then time to make our way to the sidelines and sit in a very important spot!

We walked along and saw the Burnley player's warming up before making our way inside again. The next room stunk, like was REALLY smelly! The boot room, both training and game boots are kept in there, I couldn't wait to get out!!

How lucky were we, we were taken into the players changing room! The boys were able to ask the players questions before posing for the pic!

Finally on the tour we were shown the kit room where kits are distributed before the game. Whilst in here the boys were given a packet of Jaffa cakes! Yep, on a hot sticky night the boys got Jaffa cakes, LOL!! You can imagine what they were like by the time we got to our seats!!

waiting for the game to begin

We only planned to stay for the first half of the game as it was a school night, the score when we left was 0-0 but by the end Morecambe won 1-0.

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