Tuesday, 2 October 2012

London cross stitch progress


I'm on the ball this month! After finishing the Jubilee cross stitch I decided to stitch the 'extra' bits on the London cross stitch before starting something new. I'd already stitched the Underground sign during June and July when I completed those squares, I'd also done the 'London' wording at the same time. (As I had some red threaded up I also did a couple of rows at the bottom of the telephone box.)
The telephone box, little man, Union Jack and postage stamp were all fun to stitch, I absolutely love this cross stitch, it's very easy to stitch and just looks so novel. When I'd completed the stamp I realised that it was the 1st the next day so I resisted and yesterday stitched the soldier square, completing the polaroid frame backstitch today. Only 2 squares to go on the project now! Tower bridge at the top and a cute little man standing with an umbrella waiting for a taxi at the bottom!

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