Saturday, 29 September 2012

Blackpool Illuminations

We went to Blackpool Tesco after football today and thought beforehand that we might attempt Blackpool Illuminations. We knew of a couple of families who had been, one got stuck in the traffic and didn't get home until 1:30 in the morning and the other the car broke down at the end and they had to wait until midnight for a tow truck! We decided not to take the car and instead would take a tram. We parked up Cleveley's end of the lights and already there was a queue of traffic. We walked along some of the fixed displays there up to the tram stop. They were very good and both Charlie and Courtney enjoyed them. Then our drama began! We were standing at there with quite a few other people, the first tram came and almost everyone piled into it, all having to stand as it was so busy! We decided to wait, by the time the second tram came along a few more people joined us at the stop and the second tram was exactly the same as the first. Everyone else got on so we were on the platform by ourselves, we decided to give it up and started to walk away. I then spotted the next tram coming which happened to be illuminated, Charlie was really excited and as there was only now us on the platform so we waited. By the time the tram arrived another family had joined us on the platform. The tram slowed right down and I could see that there was nobody standing on it so was relieved. Imagine then how we all felt when it very slowly went past us honking its horn!! It didn't even stop, it was very deflating and Charlie got upset, I really felt for him. After that we decided to give up and went to look at the rest of the displays near to where we were. We got to see enough to have had a nice time but it would have been nice to have a ride along the promenade on a tram. Never mind, maybe next time.

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