Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Courtney's first haircut

Having her hair cut has been much anticipated by Courtney, every time we take Charlie to the barbers she is keen to climb into the chair straight after! Her hair has taken a very long time to grow through, she is 3 1/2, bless her. (Charlie had his first haircut at 13 months old!)
Her hair is still very fine and is growing differently all over. She has a very fine 'baby fringe' with a long piece in the middle. She has beautiful curls behind her ears and it is straight at the back. We thought having it cut may help to thicken it up and give her a neater look. I took her to my hairdressers, Stylers in Morecambe. I'd told her before we set off we were going to the hairdressers and she clearly understood what that meant and was very excited! As soon as she walked in the door she was running for the chair, her moment had arrived, LOL! She jumped up and her gown was put on. She absolutely loved the time she was there, peering up at the mirror watching the hairdresser's every move. It's lovely to now see her hair so neat, it has certainly changed her look, it's much 'bouncier' now and I think it looks more grown up!

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