Thursday, 11 April 2013

Cats the Musical

Nic and I took our Mum to see Cats in Manchester for her Birthday last night, Emma came along too. I'd seen Cats before but it was a very long time ago and if I'm being honest I couldn't remember the storyline so really it was a fresh experience for me too. Mum and I met Nic and Emma in Manchester (they had been shopping but as I was working I wasn't able to join them.) We were going to eat tea in a nice restaurant but as we just missed a train when we arrived at Chorley we had to wait half an hour for the next one. As we'd lost some time we ended up in eating in McDonalds! Never mind Mum was happy, she happens to like McDonalds! And I was happy as I had my first Creme Egg McFlurry (after Easter, LOL.)

We then went to the theatre and found our seats, as we'd booked this quite early we had really good seats near the front of the stalls! I love this photo and plan to print and frame it to give her on her actual Birthday (the 20th.)

 The show was amazing! The costumes were out of this world, so realistic! During the interval I went up onto the stage to meet Old Deuteronomy and got his autograph! The main thing was Mum enjoyed it too, this was her first time in a theatre in years!

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