Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Day 11 - Saturday 5th January

We've had another scorcher today! Around 26 degrees! We dropped our car off back at he rental place this morning as Grant is working over the weekend so we only need one car. We then dropped off Mark and the kids at a swing park before Jen and I headed for some girly time at a shop called The Old Sew and Sew! My friend Tree would have been in her element!! It was full to the brim of patchwork! It was a converted bungalow type building, in one room there was floor to ceiling fabric, another was embroidery, another machines and zips, another was buttons etc etc!! What a shop!! I didn't buy anything in the end though but only because it was very expensive! There was plenty I could have bought!! We then nipped to a housewares type shop that Jen likes (I can see why, it was a lovely shop) and then picked Mark and the kids up. They'd had a nice time too.
We headed into Pukekohe to have a look at the shops. There is a good mix of shops and I am delighted with a canvas purchase we made. I don't know where it will go yet but it's a word 'FAMILY' each letter is made up of family orientated words.We liked the $2 stores too, there's some real bargains to be had in these shops!
We came home for some lunch then Jen and I went to see her friend Nic Howard, a fellow scrapbooker, as she was lending her a lens. Once back home we got ready for a trip out to Sunset Beach. This beach is a little further up the coast from Karioitahi where we went last Saturday but as it's on the same coastline so it was the same black sparkly sand. There was a bit of a breeze there this afternoon and the tide was coming in so the waves were choppier, it was still fun being in them though, although I didn't go as deep as last week. Daniel, Noah, Charlie and Courtney all had a fab time playing together. They're both so happy here, we love how they are smiling and laughing all the time! Charlie is enjoying having 2 bigger boys to play with and Courtney just loves all the attention she is getting!

Coming home after being at the beach is a fun mission, the sand gets everywhere, lol! We decided on the way home to have a 'date night.' Jen and Grant were happy to have Charlie and Courtney so after settling them to bed we borrowed their car and went to a restaurant in Pukekohe.

The meals we had were delicious and plentiful, it was so nice to spend the evening together.

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  1. Oh, your vacation sounds wonderful. It has been fun going back and reading all about it. :) I know of Nic Howard too. ;) She makes gorgeous scrapbooking pages. She and I have emailed a couple of times through comments left on our blogs. She has a Cavalier King Charles spaniel like me. Same color too. :)