Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Day 4 - Saturday 29th December

Surprisingly all of us were bright and breezy this morning, we all slept well and were ready for our New Zealand adventure to begin!
Jen and Grant suggested going to Karioitahi beach, I've seen so many photos of this beach on Jen's blog, it was one of the places I really wanted to go to! It's unusual as it is black sparkly sand. We were allowed to drive right onto the beach and set ourselves up right next to the car! Noah had brought lots of toys so him and Charlie had great fun playing. There was a little stream just by us and this yellow truck made countless moves up and down it!

Noah enjoyed making tracks along the sand.

Something I haven't done in a very long time is play and jump in waves, the surf was up and it was just amazing, I seriously mean amazing to frolic about! Jen and I were like big kids, lol!
Grant and Jen have some body boards. Mark took a lesson from Jen, he took it very seriously! He really enjoyed it and said after that was his favourite thing there, he got quite good at it!

Going solo.....get ready.....


Charlie and Courtney have never really played in the sea before, it has been too cold on previous holidays and although we live on the coast our water isn't the cleanest to go too deep (although they have paddled.) So this was a new experience for them, neither of them were too sure at first and took some encouragement to go in. Courtney really wasn't too sure, she did stay in for a few minutes happily but then she was done! Charlie got happier the longer he spent in there and eventually was laughing as we jumped waves!

Beach Baby had enough of the water!

Jen had prepared us a picnic for lunch. After lunch we had another quick paddle and play before coming home for Grant to go to work.  We had a little time at home before setting off to get some groceries from the supermarket, Pack and Save. Mark enjoys looking at supermarkets in other countries and it was interesting comparing prices to the UK. We stocked up on a few bits too. Grant called home just after we got back, Charlie was in his element as he came in the Police car! Grant showed him the lights and allowed him to give the siren a quick blast! Can you imagine his delight!!! He even got to wear Grant's partner's cap.

After dinner we bathed Charlie and Courtney and settled them to bed. Then it was time to watch 'An Idiot Abroad' again, hopefully this time to the end! There is an entire series to get through so I can see this being an every night activity! It's great though so that's not a problem! What is a (slight) problem though is despite Mark and I wearing sun lotion and reapplying we got burnt! You can see where our swimwear has been! Thankfully though we're not blistered so hopefully it will ease in a couple of days.

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