Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Day 6 - Monday 31st December

New Year's Eve! Another place on our 'wish list' was Hunua Falls, again I'd seen photos and one that jumped out was of a frame where you can sit with the falls framed behind. I really wanted our pic taken there! So here it is......

Now for a funny! Whilst we were waiting our turn there was a couple of woman who stood on the frame and jumped out of it, I wanted to do that too! Mark and I climbed onto the frame (that was no mean feet, lol.) So Jen is waiting with the camera, the pose is set, she counts to 3, we jump and all of a sudden I realise the height of the frame and somehow I need to land!! Cue panicked scream and this being the result!!! Can you see my face? A little embarrassing, don't you think?

So after the amusement at the frame we carried on to the grassy area and set ourselves up. We'd taken paddling bits, fold away chairs, umbrellas and a picnic. Jen is so well organised for days out! It was very picturesque there and although the falls were quite noisy it was tranquil. Daniel, Noah, Charlie and Courtney couldn't wait to get in! They stripped off into their swimmers and UV tops and waded in! Daniel was very brave and started swimming, the other 3 just paddled! Jen, Mark and I took it in turns to paddle too!

We stayed there most of the day. On the way home we went to Pokeno for ice cream. Pokeno is like a drive through place, there isn't a lot there but the ice cream shop seems to attract a fair few visitors! (Charlie calls it Pinocchio) There were so many flavours to choose from, hope I can remember them all! Mark had 2 scoops, 'rainbow warrior' and 'caramel fudge' I also had 2, 'hokey pokey' and 'strawberry swirl,' Charlie and Courtney had one scoop each, Charlie's was 'tropical fun' and Courtney's 'candy floss.' Yummy!

After dinner and bedtime routines we continued to watch 'An Idiot Abroad.' It is such a brilliant series, we laugh so loudly!! So it's New Year's Eve, normally at home we try to stay up and welcome the New Year but with busy days out and 28 degree heat there's no way we'd do it tonight, lol! So as we're the first in the world to welcome the New Year I wrote on Facebook a message with 1 hour and 45 minutes to go! As it turns out Mark and I continued to play on our iPad and tablet and chat until around 11:40, we didn't quite make it!!

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  1. HA HA HA HA you said "I'd seen photos and one that JUMPED OUT was of a frame where you can sit with the falls framed behind." and I immediately pictured you jumping out of the frame and screaming :)