Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Day 13 - Monday 7th January

We were getting a car again today but Daniel decided to play at a friend's house which meant there was enough room in Jen and Grant's car to go to the beach. We headed to Kaiaua beach which is on the opposite coast to the previous 2 beaches we've visited. This beach is secluded and totally private! We had to climb down a steep embankment to gain this privacy but it was totally worth it, look at these beautiful views, the water was pure turquoise!

The one big difference I noticed was that there were no waves! The sea was still with the odd ripple, perfect for swimming in. Even Courtney, who has been a little hesitant to go in the sea until now, got in but only with Uncle Grant!!

This beach the sand was golden, although we didn't have sand for long as the tide was coming in, we had a bit of fun though before it went under the sea! We tried this the other day but today's result was better!

It was a lovely beach to spend time on, playing, swimming and chillaxing!

Eventually the tide was getting too high and we had to leave but we'd had a good few hours there! On the way home we went to Pokeno!! Yes, again, I know! The ice cream there is sooooo good though! This time Mark had goody goody gum drops and strawberry shortcake, I had raspberry and lemonade fizzy swirl and the berry berry extraordinary sorbet that I had yesterday as it was so nice! Charlie had strawberry shortcake too and Courtney had strawberry yoghurt. Are you bored of ice cream photos yet? No, Ok, here's another!

We arrived home mid afternoon so Mark and I borrowed their car and had a drive to The Warehouse and Pac n' Save, we just had a mooch around and whilst we were out we went to pay for the hire car for tomorrow, just to save a little time in the morning as we have a long day planned! We arrived home just in time for tea! Jen and I didn't have dessert, we had something else planned, a girly 'date night' of our own! We headed off to a restaurant called The Village for one of their delicious desserts! Jen had told me about their dessert platter, we couldn't decide whether to go individual or dive into a platter, we decided on the toss of a coin, as you do, lol! The platter won and I think secretly we were both pleased! Oh my word, not one, not two but 4 desserts, a compote and serving of ice cream was on that plate!!

I can't even begin to tell you how delicious it all was! We started by trying each one together, we couldn't talk, all you could her was mmmmmmmm,mmmmmm,mmmmm, lol! I'm afraid it beat us, we just couldn't quite manage it all!

On the way home Jen took me up Pokekhoe hill, from the top you can see all over Pokekhoe, it was lovely but a bit too misty for photos. We came home and watched a couple of episodes of An Idiot Abroad with our men!

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