Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Day 7 - Tuesday 1st January

Happy New Year! It's a little cooler today, 24 degrees, so not by much and to be honest I never really noticed a difference walking around!
Hamilton Gardens was today's destination, it was about a 90 minute trip there. We parked up and started looking around. There are 5 collections to wander around and within each section a few gardens including an English Flower Garden! All are beautifully presented and so well kept. It was interesting reading about them and nearly every section had a water feature, all the children had fun paddling in the American Modernist Garden. Ok, us adults did too! We also ate our picnic in this garden.

Once we'd finished walking around we took the bridge around the lake back to the car. On the way home we popped into a McDonalds for a drink, they do a slush puppy type drink here that's very nice!
For dinner we had a barbeque and salad which Grant prepared for us!
After dinner and bedtime we watched the last 2 in the series of 'An Idiot Abroad' :D

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