Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Day 9 - Thursday 3rd January

We've got a drizzly day today, it was forecast, so we had already decided to visit Kelly Tarltons. It's a sea life centre in Auckland. We set off late morning and arrived just after 12, we travelled in 2 separate cars, Jen and Grant arrived shortly after us. It was a little chaotic on the car park but thankfully we both found a space. We pre-booked the tickets online, it was a good job we did! It was quite satisfying walking along the very long queue down the prepaid route! We'd read mixed reviews about this place so weren't too sure what to expect but kept an open mind. It was good, there were a good number of species and watching the stingray being fed was interesting (but noisy, a lot of people!) The one excellent thing they did have was a travelator around the shark enclosure that went at a nice speed so you could enjoy the sharks swimming around you and something that I will always enjoy is penguins! We did spend quite a bit of time looking at them, their enclosure was really well set up with a number of viewing windows. All in all we enjoyed the visit, like all these sort of places it was very busy (the weather wouldn't have helped) and people did get in the way but that happens. It was also a little shorter than we'd have liked but if anybody asked I would say to go.

Jen, Grant and the boys had noticed a play area not far from the sea life centre so we headed there when we left, we luckily had a dry spell and they all enjoyed a good play and run around. The zip wire there was fab!! Jen and I might have had a go too!!!

It was a little early to go straight home so we went on an adventure! We went to a couple of lookout points, one was called Point England! As we drove about we came across a shopping centre called Sylvia Park! (Sylvia is my mother in law's name.) It was really good in there, we had a mooch around and bought ourselves a little kiwi bird ornament from The Great New Zealand Shop, it's not often we treat ourselves to travel souvenirs but I couldn't resist him, isn't he cute?

On the way out I spotted something in a display window that I thought looked fab! It was a shopping basket type bag! I went into the shop to have a look, the one I'd seen actually was a cool bag with silver inners but there was another type without a lid, just fabric all over, studded feet and sturdy strips for the sides, when not in use it flattens! As an added bonus was $10 less on special! (NZ $39.95, just over £20, a bargain!) I fell in love with a pink patterned one, I think it's going to be perfect to transport my cross stitching when I go to my crafting group, I can't wait to see the Chorley girls faces, I bet they will love it too! I would have bought a spare as I'm quite sure one would have wanted it but as it was I'd bought the last one! I can't wait to fill it!
We set off home and once we'd had dinner and bedtime routine we just had a quiet evening.

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