Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Day 8 - Wednesday 2nd January

Grant is off work for the next 3 days so we've hired a car! Their car is a 7 seater so has been fine up until now but as there are 8 of us we needed a car so we can all go out together. It's a Hyundai Getz and to be honest it's a bit of a tank for it's size but it'll do for our needs.

After getting the car Jen and I ran a few errands then came home for a delicious pancake and waffle lunch! It was heaven, maple syrup, ice cream, butter, chocolate spread and golden syrup. A real treat, lol!

We went on a drive out to the Auckland Botanic Gardens this afternoon, it was very relaxing to wander around.

One of my favourite things there were the hydrangea bushes, these bushes always remind me of my Grandma's garden. I particularly loved the intensity of the blue ones.

There was a really nice section for children called 'The Potter Garden,' it was all interactive.

We took a break on a big expanse of grass, Grant, Mark and the children all played frisby and cricket whilst Jen and I chatted.

Our peace didn't last long! Here she comes!!! I adore the last photo and am very grateful to Jen for capturing every moments of this!

Of course, then her brother had to join in! Charlie is really strong these days, he managed to pull me over, LOL!

Love love love watching my 3 play!!!

We then went inside to another interactive section, we read books, mingled with the creepy crawlies and joined in the activities.

Look at my engagement ring under the telescope!

This evening Mark and I had a drive out once Charlie and Courtney were settled in bed. We only stayed local around Pukekohe and got a good feel of it. We parked up on the shopping street and Mark did his favourite holiday pleasure, looked in a couple of estate agents windows! Then we just drove around and found a couple of carpet shops and a big shop on an estate called The Warehouse, it was the only shop we'd seen open so looked in, only problem was it was closing in 15 minutes! Still, I managed to happen upon a crafting aisle and made a purchase! When we arrived home we watched the last episode of the first series and the first episode of the second series of 'An Idiot Abroad.' The second series is equally as good, this time Karl is choosing activities from a bucket list!! Tonight's was to spend a night on a deserted island! Of course, as always it wasn't as simple as that! It was very funny!

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