Monday, 26 April 2010

House progress

I'm really enjoying stitching the Larmour house! I've put hours and hours in already but i'm loving the progress, i'm stitching it on Zweight laguna evenweave and it's really nice to stitch on. I've decided to do my backstitch as I go along as i've made the mistake before of completing all the stitches and then having tons of backstitch to do, it gets very boring, LOL! I've bought this new frame over the weekend and it's perfect! It's a no sew one, it was a little fiddly at first but once i'd worked out the technique putting on the bottom was easier! Now that I have a bigger frame though my light magnifier is too small, the arms don't stretch enough! As it's my birthday in a couple of weeks Mark has said I can have one of these :D

It's a floor standing one that can also be altered into a table lamp and clip on, how clever! and with 21 LED's I think will be just right for my needs, i've bought a couple of smaller ones which clip onto the frame but the batteries barely last an evening, this one can be powered by electric or batteries! :yay:

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  1. That's clever to do the backstitching as you go along. Glad you're still enjoying the cross stitching.