Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter Sunday

We've had a lovely Easter Sunday, Charlie got so many eggs!! We'd bought him a little toaster for his kitchen as we knew he'd get a few eggs but we never expected 10 eggs, 2 bunnies and 8 lollies! He's been so excited with them, he's been very good too and has only eaten 2 choccie lollies so far! He also got a few nice treats and some pennies too, he's a very lucky little boy. :wub:

My parents in law came up this morning and Hughie has been working hard in the back garden again with Mark, they've cleared loads today and the garden is looking so much bigger! Karin came with Maddie and Dan this afternoon so Dan was out there helping too. Charlie went on the trampoline for the first time this year! Maddie went on with him, he 'bounces' on it alot more now, last year he just ran around in circles on it, LOL! I made a roast pork dinner for Sylvia, Hughie and us, it was rather nice! Sylvia had made a delicious trifle for dessert. After his bath I read Charlie's new book to him that Aunty Kathryn brought him for Easter, it's such a cute story. Sylvia and Hughie tucked him into bed and then left.
Inbetween our original land and the new strip there was a wall and some fence panels that we'd put up about 6 years ago, on the pic above i'm standing on the old division, it gives a good idea of how much our garden has grown. We need to decide definitely now what we're doing with the garden, we have a few ideas so watch this space, LOL! (Any ideas of how to utilise/get rid of the tree stump welcome!!)

I'm going to get my cross stitch out now and relax infront on the TV, it's been a fun Easter Sunday! :D

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  1. Wow, what a haul! And the garden is looking great.