Sunday, 11 April 2010

Easter scrapping.

I've been doing so much cross stitching at the moment my scrapbooking has taken a bit of a backseat but traditionally Saturday nights are my scrapping nights! Last night I produced 2 layouts both Easter related. I love the photo of Charlie with his Easter goodies so I decided to make the photo as big as I could! I actually scraplifted myself for this LO, LOL! I think the original idea came from a magazine! The egg shapes were inspired by Jude, I only used her LO as a sketch basis for mine.

Charlie's album is up to date again, i've only got about 10 layouts left to do in the Disney album then I can make a start on the Preston North End hospitality day album! :D


  1. Love the layouts! That photo of Charlie with his stash is ace - I thought you'd said he was in his pyjamas when he finally started posing...? That looks like a T-shirt so if it is his pyjamas you can't tell! Let me know when our next scrapping date is ...

  2. Thank you. It was just before his PJ's! Hope we can arrange some scrapping time soon. xxx