Saturday, 10 April 2010

Gorgeous Green Shoes!!!

My friend Jen loves shoes!! Hopefully i'm going to be her shoe envy, LOL! My friend, Mary, came for a visit yesterday and was wearing these green shoes, I totally loved them! I got some Next vouchers for Christmas that I hadn't spent as I was waiting for the summer lines to come in. So i've made use of the vouchers and i'm now the proud owner of green shoes! I don't think i've ever owned a pair of green shoes before! They were available in red or white too, I was seriously contemplating the white ones as they're a more practical colour to match up with outfits but the rebelious side of me made me go for the green ones!! I adore my new shoes!!! ♥♥♥


  1. EEEEEEE, I LOVE THEM!! Yes I am shouting! TOTAL shoe envy!!! I want them in red and green! You look fab in them, you saucy madam you.

  2. Gorgeous, I NEED those shoes Karen!

  3. Love them too, might have to have a look see myself...