Thursday, 1 April 2010


Oh golly! I hadn't realised it's been over a week since I posted!! It's been quite a hectic week though and a very lovely weekend! Mark and I spent last week preparing our house for my Aunty and Uncle's visit. I love my house when it's pristine clean! (I always keep it tidy and mostly clean but I do love it when I look around knowing it's been cleaned within an inch of its life, LOL!!)
Aunty Win (Mum's sister) celebrated her 60th Birthday on the 19th March, she had a meal out with her friends where she lives near Northampton on her birthday. She also wanted to celebrate with her family up here! We invited them to stay with us, we have a spare room which is rarely used for guests so it was so speacial for them to stay here. They arrived on Saturday afternoon and Aunty Win, Mum and I went to visit my great Aunty in the nursing home whilst Uncle Pat stayed at home with Mark and Charlie (I guess they'll have enjoyed talking football, both their teams are in the same league, LOL! Uncle Pat's a Leicester fan and Mark Preston North End!) My great Aunty looked terribly frail, bless her. We dropped mum off at her flat then came back. Aunty Win and uncle Pat went off to church so whilst they were there I prepared a shepherd's pie for tea, it was delicious, even if I do say so myself, LOL! In the evening we watched a DVD! We decided on the Hangover, I love that film, it's so funny!!
On the Sunday morning we had a walk into the village and onto the prom, it was freezing down on the prom!! So windy!! Then we all went out for Aunty Win's birthday meal to the Globe in Overton for a carvery, my mum, sister, nephew and niece were there too. It was so nice to get together and the food was lovely. Everyone then came back to ours for a cuppa and birthday cake! Sunday evening the 4 of us settled to watch the final of Dancing on Ice, it was so obvious for a long time that Hayley was going to win it but it still made for a good show! Aunty Win and Uncle Pat left shortly after breakfast on Monday morning and Charlie missed them so much. It was funny actually, on Monday morning Mark was getting his clothes out and I was brushing my teeth when Charlie sneaked upstairs to see them, I called through the door to see if he was OK in there and Aunty Win called back he was having snuggles, too cute!!

This week has been a little quieter! Although Monday evening we went out for another meal for Daniel's 18th! We really must plan these things a bit better, my diet kind of went to pot, LOL!
It's Good Friday tomorrow and Sylvia, Charlie and I are going to the family service at St Peter's, I think it'll be a nice service to go to, whilst we're there im going to find out about the Sunday School, I was brought up in a Sunday school and i'd like Charlie to be too. We have a few plans for the Easter weekened, firstly we're going to knock down the wall between our existing garden and the new piece of land we've bought at the back, Mark has already made a start but there's still alot to do. His dad is coming to help with it and we're also going to give the garage a bit of a sort out! Saturday we've been invited to Jack's 1st birthday party, he is the son of Mark's employee, Paul, although he's a good friend too. On Sunday evening i'm making a roast meal for Mark's mum and dad, I thought it would be nice for Easter. At some point too I plan to make Easter nests with Charlie, i'm really excited about that, LOL! (Hopefully pics to follow of that little event!!)

I've started a new cross stitch this evening, it's another Little House Needleworks ornament, this one is He's a flake! I've got about 3/4 of the tree done and the garland! It won't take as long as FaLaLa as it's not as big but i'm keen to get it finished as the new My Little Heart pattern has been released for April!!

So that'll teach me for leaving it a week!! My fingers are aching from all that typing, LOL!!!

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  1. What a busy week! Yesterday I cleaned the downstairs of my house to within an inch of its life, I love that feeling too, it's so satisfying looking around and knowing everything is spotless. And my diet has gone to pot too, so I can sympathise!! Let's give ourselves Easter weekend and then back on track, right? We can do it! (I'm trying to convince myself!!) Can't wait to see you and Charlie on Tuesday!!