Friday, 2 April 2010

Good Friday

This morning Sylvia (Nanna), Charlie and I went to the 'Hot cross bun' service at St James' church (I thought it was at St. Peters when I blogged yesterday, they are sister churches) We hadn't realised it was a hot cross bun service until we got there! It was so lovely to be in a church where we felt welcomed and the service was really nice. (as were the hot cross buns that followed, LOL!) Rvnd Tickner is wonderful and so good with children. Charlie was christened into this church and can start the Sunday School at the end of May when he turns 3 :D

After lunch Charlie and I made our Easter nests with Nanna. Mark and Hughie (Grandad) were busy in the garden, it's really coming along now, the wall is completely down and they've filled a skip already! Anyway back to the nests! What great fun we had!! I took step by step photos!

First we broke the chocolate into pieces (look at the effort in his face, LOL!!)

then you stir the chocolate before it is melted (yes you do, Charlie said so!!)

*imagine chocolate melting pic (forgot to take that one!)*

now it's time to add the rice krispies and stir (giggling as you work is most important!)

spoon the mixture into the cake cases........
.....and add the mini eggs (making sure you sneak a couple without mummy noticing ;) )
now the best bit......licking out the bowl, LOL!!
and what do you do when you've had fun making easter cakes, you go outside and help Daddy and Grandad!!

I think our little man should sleep well tonight, he's had a busy day!! :D


  1. They tasted good as well. Well done little man xx

  2. He is just so adorable!! That's great news about Sunday School.