Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Cross stitch crazy!!!

After seeing the house pattern (posted a few days ago) I have been desperate to start it but have been very strict on myself that I wouldn't until i'd completed 'He's a Flake' aka Mr Flake, LOL! and April's My Little Heart. Tonight i've stitched the beads on Mr Flake after stitching him up the last couple of evenings and have just completed April's MLH. I'm thrilled to bits with them both especially MLH as although I liked the rabbit on the egg when I saw him I wasn't keen on his blue egg! I was going to stitch it white with blue spots like one of the example pieces but after laying the colours down first I decided to go with the blue after all, i'm really pleased I did as it looks fab now it's stitched up. :D So tomorrow I can start the Larmour House with a clear consience, LOL!

1 comment:

  1. I think the blue egg is perfect - but Mr Easter Bunny looks like he could do with eating a few chocolate eggs himself! LOL He's so slender - must be all that running around.

    I love the chicks in his hands!