Sunday, 2 May 2010


So BBQ season is upon us, yay! Last year we really enjoyed using the gas BBQ and so far this year we've had a couple of teas on it but tonight we gave it a really good use and had all of Mark's family around! I also did some jacket potatoes which were delicious!

We've had a fairly quiet week this week, we popped into Lancaster yesterday to do some shopping and I spied a new mobile phone I like! I'm going to do a little research and check my piggy bank but after a couple of months looking i'm hopeful this will be my new phone :)

I had to do a double take when I first logged into my blog, it seems funny seeing the house with no windows as that is the stage i'm now at! Mark let me have my new work light early (as it's a b'day pressie) and it's absolutely fab! It's great to be able to stitch all evening and know that the batteries aren't going to let me down :D

It's May Day bank holiday tomorrow and i'm hoping we can have a little drive out, I have a couple of ideas where i'd like to go so we'll see in the morning what the weather is like!

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  1. I love BBQs, so glad it's season again. We'll have to have you guys around for a BBQ!