Monday, 31 May 2010

Wildlife Oasis

Today is a Bank Holiday in England and as it's Charlie's birthday weekend we decided to have a little trip out! We first went to Wildlife Oasis just after we got Charlie, it was one of the first places we took him to! We thought as he's now older he may appreciate the animals a bit more. (he did enjoy it last time but was only just over 1!)
There's loads to do there, it's a very interative place and there's quite a few activities to take part in. One thing Mark and I enjoyed watching last time were the ants! They have a rope set up around the area and the ants march along it carrying leaves etc, ants are very interesting little creatures you know, far more interesting that I could have ever imagined, LOL! It seems that they are 'ruled' by a queen and once she dies the colony go a bit loopy then all die!! So this time they'd just got in a new colony as the last queen sadly died! The new colony are still settling in and building their nest, apparently it can take upto 6 months until they start climbing the ropes so we were a little disappointed not to be able to see that this time but still we learnt a little about the life of a colony of ants, LOL!!
Charlie really enjoyed the parts where we could stamp our hands with different creatures (I found out after that infact there is a worksheet and you're meant to stamp on. Oh well, we ended up with inky hands instead, LOL!) We also let him have his face painted for the first time! He chose to be a monkey! I know he doesn't look much like a monkey but he sat very still and was such a good boy having it done!
So it's been a lovely birthday weekend, we've all really enjoyed it!♥


  1. I love the picture of Charlie winking! Too cute.

  2. It's cute isn't it!! that's his current 'smile' face, LOL!!