Friday, 28 May 2010

15.6 miles

I tried to post last night but our internet connection was down :(

Last night I decided I *needed* a good bike ride! It was very windy but I didn't allow that to put me off! (In the back of my mind I was telling myself i'd burn off more calories against the wind, LOL!) So I set off and went my normal route along the prom, I then climbed Hest Bank hill and got onto the canal. I pondered for a few seconds whether to head to Lancaster or Carnforth, in the end I went towards Lancaster. I cycled over the viaduct (note to the council, it's very bumpy along there!!) and along to the place where Hughie and I normally get onto the canal by some terraced houses! I tell you it's alot easier going down that hill than up it, LOL! I then got onto the cycle path back to the prom which is where I cycled full force against the wind!!!! I was cream crackered when I got home but felt brilliant!! Oh, and an added bonus i'm a lb lighter this morning, LOL! :D

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