Friday, 21 May 2010

We have permission!!!!! Yay!!

After 5 months of waiting I took the bull by the horns so to speak! We've been going through the solicitor to ask for permission to build on the extra piece of land that we've bought. The original sellers were the brewery who own the pub next door and they put a covenant in the deeds that their permission had to be sought to build anything on the land when it was sold to our neighbour (who later sold the land to us). This covenant was transferred with our sale and it's been a nightmare getting this permission!! In the end I rang our solicitor and told her I was going to ring the brewery directly. I was surprised that the lady on the switchboard put me straight through to the MD!!! He didn't seem to know about our request but was very helpful and said that he'd like to see what we'd like to do before he'd agree. So the meeting was set for Thursday morning! He arrived and was lovely to talk to, he agreed almost immediately!! 5 months of waiting for the solicitors and I had it sorted in 5 minutes!! Yay, so we now have permission to build my craft room!! I'm sooooooooo excited, i've been waiting years to create a room just for my crafting! Now I can start planning it for real (you ready for that Jen ;) xxx)
To celebrate i've made a little investment, I've bought this beautiful solid pine antique plan chest c.1890, isn't it gorgeous! I've bought it using some inheritance I had and my mum has very kindly given me some money towards it :wub:

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  1. Awesome!! That is great news, I'm sure you are very excited. LOVE the chest!