Saturday, 29 May 2010

Happy Birthday Charlie!

Our sweet precious little man is 3 today! No longer a baby he's growing into a beautiful little boy who i'm very proud of! I love this age, he's just so quirky and comes out with the most random of things, LOL!! He's had a lovely day today and can now open his presents independently, so he's had great fun!! We had a little treat this morning and went to Costa for a cupcake and hot chocolate (Charlie had juice!) and this afternoon both of our families came round for a tea party! Not surprisingly we have a very tired little boy tonight! He's got his party for his friends tomorrow so another fun day awaits him :wub:

Charlie laughed and exclaimed 'The moons (balloons) are on the nano! (piano) Bless!!

Daddy!!! :rollseyes:

cupcake in Costa!!

'Happy Birthday to you!' (nightmare with the candles, they wouldn't light, then I couldn't light all the sparklers at the same time too!)

teaching Nanna and Maddie how to play the 'nano' (piano)

apparently i'm a boat!!

My 3 boys ♥

just before bed in his new PJ's all the way from Oz!! Thank you! xxx

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  1. Awww, he is looking so grown up! Happy birthday, Charlie!