Saturday, 22 May 2010

Last of the Summer Wine

As I was growing up I used to love watching Last of the Summer Wine, it was such a funny sitcom! My favourite charachter, of course, was Compo, closely followed by Nora Batty, golly poor Compo, he so loved to wind Nora up and got alot of agro in return!! A few weeks ago my mum took a coach tour to Holmfirth, the place where it's filmed and since she came home and told me about it I wanted to go, LOL! The first weekend we planned to go we went to church in the morning and it got a bit late to set off, the second time the weather was terrible so it was third time lucky! I really enjoyed our day out. :D

Sid's cafe!

On some steps just near the cafe.

We took the bus tour around the many places where Last of the Summer Wine was filmed.

Foggy's house.

There used to be a bench in this spot where Compo sat for many scenes.

White Horse Pub in the bottom of the pic with Clegg's cottage and Howard and Pearls just above.

Nora Batty's house.

In Compo's house there is a museum dedicated to Last of the Summer Wine.

Mmmmmmmm, ice cream!!

Bill Owen, who played Compo is burried in Holmfirth. (He originated and spent most of his life in London)

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  1. What a lovely day out! I'm glad you finally had the weather for it.