Monday, 17 May 2010

20 miles!!!!!!!!!

Well my cycle computer says 19.98 miles but what's 0.02 miles between friends! ;)
I can't tell you how tired I am right now though! We haven't been able to cycle for a few weeks due to me being poorly and then last week the weather was bad. I can really tell, LOL!! We cycled to Bull Beck and Hughie suggested getting on the canal on the way home, I always like cycling on the canal so agreed. Little did I know at that point that it would add about 3 miles onto our return journey!!! We got off the canal at Hest Bank and onto the promenade, golly it was windy along there! Thankfully it's only about a mile until we turned off. Mark is bringing my bike home after work tonight so I can go out in the evening, to be honest I think I need the practice, LOL!!!!

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