Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Splash park and naming ceremony!

I'd planned that if it was a nice day as forecasted that we would head to Happy Mount Park to the splash zone. I figured if we set off early enough it wouldn't be as busy, we got there a little too early as it didn't open until 10:00! It was 1/4 to so we decided to wait as then we'd be first in. After a few minutes a small crowd had formed and they let us in so it was worth waiting! We went straight to a bench and got Charlie and Courtney changed. They had a great time!

Charlie is under there somewhere!

Back home and after lunch I had a mission on my hands!! Look at their school uniform pile and it all needed naming!!!! Once I got into it, it didn't seem too bad but I was glad it was done for another year!! It's all seeming very real now that in a few days I will have 2 school children!

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