Thursday, 8 August 2013

Day 5 - At Sea


As we were at sea today we all had a very leisurely morning. Charlie and Courtney went to the Kid's club late morning, the activity at 11:00 was Do-Re-Mi pizza time! Sylvia, Hughie, Mark and I went to watch. It was chaotic but all the children were having an amazing time!

Courtney had a go at tossing the pizza base! You can just see a shadow of it at the top of the photo!

After the activity Charlie and Courtney came with us for lunch. We were all feeling tired so went back to our cabin, all 4 of us fell asleep. We must have needed it!
Mark and I were booked in to the relaxation room for 2:00pm, a perk of being gold members of the MSC club! Charlie and Courtney went back to the kid's club which was just around the corner from where we were going. We had access to the sauna and steam room which was lovely but we didn't spend too much time in them as we were split into men and woman's. Instead we spent most of our time in the actual relaxation room, it was bliss, so quiet and only us in there.
Sylvia and I were then booked in for a hot stones massage, I have a massage once a month and this is my absolute favourite! It didn't disappoint on the ship neither, it was quite a lot faster motion and a little harder pressure than my regular one but was soooooo nice!
It was Gala night this evening, I'd bought a dress especially! We collected Charlie and Courtney and went back to our cabin to shower and get ready. We don't brush up too badly!
The meal was delicious! In the theatre tonight there was a Bollywood themed show and we could also meet our captain. I took Charlie along to do so, he's a great strapping man and Charlie looked tiny against him, LOL! Just before the show Charlie and Courtney provided their own entertainment, the people sitting around us were loving it. They were dancing and twirling, so cute!
The Bollywood show was excellent, fantastically choreographed, Courtney didn't move an inch the whole way through it, she was entranced!

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