Thursday, 8 August 2013

Day 3 - Amsterdam

Today was Charlie's day! This was the place he had really looked forward to visiting! He had done a topic at school all about the Netherlands, he'd made a junk model house boat, learnt all about the cheeses, clogs and tulips, the canals and windmills. He was so excited!
We weren't docking until 10:30 so after our buffet breakfast Charlie and Courtney had an hour in the kid's club and made flower neck garlands, Mark took a photo of me in one but it's not a very good one of me (I hadn't slept well and look cream crackered on it!) so I'm not sharing it, LOL!
We docked in Ijmuiden, about an hour away from Amsterdam. Before we left home we'd googled the best way to get into Amsterdam and a speed ferry was suggested as the best option. It worked out quite well really but by the time we got there the rain had started, bucket loads of it! Still, living in England we're used to rain and that wasn't going to put us off! One place we wanted to see was Anne Frank's house, we had tried to get tickets to go in but the availability was gone weeks before. We took the tram and got to see the outside though.

We walked alongside the canal and crossed over some bridges. There were a great number of bikes in Amsterdam and excellent cycles paths everywhere for them.
We happened upon a cheese museum and thought it was worth a look, it was very good. Charlie was delighted to see a huge pair of clogs! He asked if he could try them on, it was funny to watch him try to walk in them. Next to the clogs was a dressing up box, we were told it was the first day of the clothes being there. How cute is this.......
So then the lady who was running the museum went into a store room and came out with outfits for us!!! Not to disappoint we joined in, no laughing........
It had faired up by the time we left the museum so we meandered a little further along the canals and had a look in a gift shop, Charlie and Courtney each got a miniature pair of clogs and these days Mark and I don't tend to buy souvenirs but we could resist this wee kissing couple.
We made our way back to the ship and once on board caught up with Sylvia and Hughie. After dinner I was feeling quite tired so went back to the cabin with Charlie and Courtney whilst Mark went for a coffee with Sylvia and Hughie.

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