Thursday, 8 August 2013

Day 6 - Vigo


We had an earlier docking today so left the ship at around 9:00am. We had a little time around the dock area first, admiring the many sculptures and looking at the boats.

There was a lady giving out maps on the quay and I spotted there was a castle which I thought Charlie might enjoy. It was a steep walk up to it with many winding roads and lots of steps, we were surprised how well Charlie and Courtney managed, it was quite hot even early morning. There were water fountains intermittently so we stopped for a drink.

Around 2/3rds of the way there.
Once we reached the top what we saw in front of us was disappointing. There was indeed a castle but it was derelict, had smashed windows and was full of graffiti, totally not what we expected after all that effort!
There was quite a number of people around so we thought there must be more to this place than meets the eye, we explored further. We walked through an arched stone entrance further up the hill and stepped into a different world! Beautiful landscaped gardens, other parts of the castle that had been restored, fountains and stunning views!

It was getting a bit too hot so we decided to head back to the ship. On the way back down we called in at a cafe then had a look around the shops in the port area. It was fairly quiet on the ship as we were docked all day and other passengers would probably still be exploring. We took advantage and went for a swim, the pool is divided into a splash pool and full depth pool (with no shallow end) so we just stuck to the splash pool, it was perfectly deep enough for little legs!

Tiredness hit us again so we went back to the cabin, everyone slept apart from me, instead I did some cross stitching. After looking at the ship programme we spotted that 'afternoon tea' was served in the self serve restaurant. We met up with Sylvia and Hughie to give it a try. Wow, there was such a selection of cakes and biscuits and a delicious latte! I know we'll be coming back another day, LOL!
We all decide to have an easier night tonight, we went to watch the earlier show in the theatre which had an Italian theme. After which we went back to the self serve restaurant for a buffet dinner. Charlie and Courtney could do with a regular bedtime tonight so we tucked them in bed and I cross stitched some more, Mark read his book.


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