Thursday, 8 August 2013

Day 11 - Le Havre


As we were docked in Le Havre all day today we decided to have a last formal breakfast which was delicious. After leaving the boat we were ushered through to what can only be described as a yard area. We had 2 options, a noddy train or a shuttle bus into town. The noddy train also included a city tour so that's the one we chose to take.

Whilst on the tour you can't help but notice how many flats there are! Le Havre was almost completely flattened during WWII and the flats were seen to be a quick way to re home people. We were also taken round by the port and then into the town centre, there wasn't really a lot to see in Le Havre but it was a nice ride out. We were dropped off at the l'hotel de ville (town hall.)

We then had a walk around the city centre but being a Sunday nothing much was open, there was however a very busy open air market which was a mixture of clothes, food and car boot style stalls! A real mismatch! I did make a couple of purchases though , I found some rather nice PJ's and a silicone hand mitt for the oven.

Whilst out and about we nipped to a cafe, Charlie and Courtney had a treat here. They don't often have fizzy drinks (or bubbles as Courtney says.)

Mark got to do his hobby too, he likes to have a look in Estate Agents windows!

We didn't have to wait too long for the noddy train back and the only thing we really saw was St Joseph's church which Le Havre people are very proud of, it was built after the war to remember their dead. I would have liked to get out and have a look but being a Sunday and services on all day it wasn't a stop. I couldn't really take a good picture as we were too close but I took one from the boat.

Back on board we met up with Sylvia and Hughie and had something to eat. We were meant to be going back out to the beach but Mark wasn't feeling to well so he went back to the cabin for a sleep and I took Charlie and Courtney swimming.

At around 6pm Charlie and Courtney went to the kids club for the last time, it was PJ party night!

We went to the restaurant for our final dinner and then went back to the cabin to pack before picking Charlie and Courtney up. They gained points whilst at the kid's club and at the end can choose a prize! Charlie chose a MSC boat that can go in the bath and Courtney chose some white modelling clay (!) Charlie was very excited when he came out! They have really enjoyed going to the kid's club, the staff are very kind and seem to have taken a real shine to Courtney! (We often find that, her being so small but full of personality, bless her!)
We decided to have one last milky coffee before bed, I'm going to miss latte's on tap, LOL! Back in the cabin we put our cases out on to the corridor to be collected during the night and had to set our alarm for 6:45am! That sounds bad enough but when you think we are an hour ahead of British time on the ship it sounds even worse!!


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