Thursday, 8 August 2013

Northern Europe Cruise - Day 1

This morning we caught the 09:32 train from Morecambe to Southampton. They were all running to time. Thankfully we had reserved seats as the second train (changed at Wolverhampton) was very crowded. We arrived at our hotel just before 3:00pm, we dropped off our luggage, freshened up and headed straight into the town centre. We browsed the shops, had tea at Ed's diner then had a walk along the city wall.


We had a nice surprise when we wandered around, we came across a rhino! We have done a few of these trails now and actually saw rhinos in Chester but these have been painted for a trail around Southampton! That's the morning activity sorted then, LOL! This was the first one we saw.

Everyone was getting tired so we went back to the hotel and whilst Sylvia and I showered and settled Charlie and Courtney to bed Mark and Hughie went on a recce walk to the port to see the best way of getting there tomorrow for the ship. They were a little time and it turned out they'd found more rhinos and an ice cream van! Mark was keen for us to have an evening walk too and swung me round by saying we'd go and see the rhinos, he hadn't taken a camera. So, Sylvia and Hughie watched over Charlie and Courtney for us and off we went. The ice cream van was still there at 9:00pm so we partook in one, of course Mark's being his second!!



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