Thursday, 8 August 2013

Day 10 - At Sea


We enjoyed a nice easy morning and laid in until 10:00am! Sometimes there are advantages to having an inside cabin, the no sense of time thing re-occurring and we were quite surprised to find it to be so late! After breakfast Sylvia and I decided to try the arts and crafts activity. These activities seem to be quite basic but this one was fun all the same. Crepe flowers! Only ours seemed to resemble feather dusters a little more, LOL!

Sylvia and Hughie had bought Charlie and Courtney a holiday gift each so we went back to their cabin to be given them. Charlie got a fabulous MSC boat that lights up and makes noises and Courtney a Hello Kitty notepad and pen set. They were both delighted. We went back to our cabin to have a play and did so again after lunch at which time Courtney slept and I did some cross stitch.
There was a show on for the children this afternoon where they were able to join in the dancing again, they had to be at the kid's club for 3pm. After dropping them off Sylvia, Mark and I went to watch the fruit carving, this chap is so talented, he made 3 creations for us.

It was soon time to go to the theatre for the performance. We just thought our children were going to dance but it turned out to be a full production including a scene of the Lion King, well that was me very happy! The full show was excellent made even better because we didn't expect it. At the end all the children got onto the stage for their part. They did 2 songs for us, Fireworks using props they'd made and the ol' favourite, Gangnam Style!

After the show there was a photo opportunity with the MSC mascot Do-Re-Mi.

This evening was our final Gala dinner, this was the special evening where we celebrated with Baked Alaska's and napkin twirling!

Our waiters have been magnificent all the way through the cruise and they clearly enjoy this evening too. They made a lovely fuss of Charlie and Courtney!

As MSC members the four of us were invited to Captain's cocktails following dinner, again, an activity we weren't expecting. An invitation was left in our cabin a couple of days before.

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