Thursday, 8 August 2013

Day 9 - Bilbao

 As we left the ship this morning we looked back and saw Sylvia and Hughie right up on the top deck!

We got onto the shuttle bus that took us into the centre of Bilbao. It seemed everyone has walking in the same direction so we followed! In the distance we could see something big and floral but couldn't make out what it was. As we got closer and closer you could make out a head and body, then ears and a nose. I was convinced it was a giant teddy bear but alas it was a dog! A HUGE dog all made up of beautiful coloured plants.

He was sitting outside of the Guggenheim Museum, a very modern looking building on the bank of the river. I climbed quite a steep bridge to capture this pic! Have you noticed the spider?!

It was a really hot day so we just took our time wandering around. We'd asked directions to the old part of town, we walked along the river and crossed over a bridge. There was a play park as soon as we crossed!

The scenery was so lovely as we walked along.

We also came across a fountain area, great cooling down happened here!! There is water on the yellowy tiles and from each of the spout around the edge too. We spent quite a while here.

We arrived at the Old town and meandered along lots of narrow streets, they were so interesting.

We ate at a cafe and had a little 'surf' whilst there! It was the first time we'd had internet since leaving Southampton. We continued to look around, looking in shops as we went. Rather out of place was a pink shop!

Mark pointed it out as Courtney is very much a girly girl, she was desperate to go inside! I think Mark very quickly regretted pointing it out, there was a craft section!! Yay!!
So many lovely stamps and washi tape, I couldn't have not made a purchase!
We were all getting tired by now so decided to go back to the ship. It wasn't too bad of a walk back to meet the shuttle bus, we'd done a huge circle of Bilbao!
We couldn't believe the first thing Charlie asked once back on board, could he go to the kid's club! Then, of course, Courtney wanted to go too! They went off for an hour before we picked them up again for Afternoon Tea. On the way the table football was free so we had a family game!
There was a performance on stage tonight that the children were taking part in so we went back to the cabin for a rest and watched CBeebies. Charlie and Courtney had to be back at the kid's club for 6 for rehearsals, they had dinner with them too. After our dinner we made our way to the theatre and bagged front row seats! All the children were so sweet dancing.
We stayed in the theatre for the show, Rock and Roll. When checking in to the kid's club at the very beginning of our holiday there was a dance group also doing so and we'd overheard that they were performing whilst on board. Well, tonight was the night. They treated us to a performance of The Muppets! They were excellent, so talented!
After the show Charlie had another request, could we go and see the lights on the top of the ship. He had a conversation with Grandad about them earlier that day and wanted to see them all lit up. As we were now near the self service restaurant we had a latte before bedtime.



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