Thursday, 8 August 2013

Day 8 - At Sea


As we are at sea again today we decide to have a posh breakfast, LOL! By posh I mean in the waiter service restaurant where we choose from a menu! When we have dinner in the evenings we eat in the  L'Aprodo restaurant but breakfast is served in the La Carvela so it's nice for us to eat somewhere different.
Charlie requested to go to the kid's club, then so did Courtney! We dropped them off for a couple of hours. In the programme there is an arts and crafts session so I think I might as well try it. When I arrived it was painted T shirts, not quite my thing so I decided to leave it. I went to find Mark, Sylvia and Hughie but couldn't so went back to the cabin. After about 15 minutes Mark came back to collect something. They were on their way to watch the cooking demonstration so I joined them. Not what I would eat but a good demo anyway. Mark and Hughie taste tested and said it was nice.

We then had a little look in the shops before picking Charlie and Courtney up and having lunch. Courtney, Mark and I returned to our cabin for a siesta, as did Sylvia. Charlie had some 'Grandad time!' it sounds like they had great fun, they went paddling and had ice cream. We all strode along to the theatre to listen to a talk about Bilbao and Le Havre. We thought it was going to be about things to do there but was more like a history lesson. It sounded quite interesting but the chap was monotone and of course it had no interest to the children so we left. Maybe they would have got onto the what to do talk but then would have most likely be trying to sell their trips too so I think we did the right thing. Anyway, more fun things awaited us! On deck 13 there is a miniature golf course! We took quite a few photos as we played but I think this one just captures a moment, Nanna and Grandad watching Charlie and Courtney play.
After the golf we went for a swim. We started off in the splash pool again but this time ventured into the big pool too! We even got to have a go in the Jacuzzi which is normally very busy.

 It was Gala night again tonight and we got dressed up again, introducing the boys....

and the girls!

After another lovely dinner we had some photos taken on the deck then went to the Theatre to watch the show, L'amour.



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