Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Raines Hall Farm

Today we planned a day out with Kathryn, Jessica and Daniel. We decided to go to the Maize Maze near to Kendal. Unfortunately the weather hasn't been too great lately and we had a little chuckle to ourselves how muddy everyone was looking as they emerged from the maze! In previous years they've put straw down to soak up the mud to make it an all weather experience but I'm guessing this year it was just too muddy and they were doing welly hire instead! As neither Kathryn or I were wearing socks we decided against this little adventure! Fortunately there is quite a bit to do at the farm, we petted the rabbits and guinea pigs, had a ride on the tractor, treated ourselves to lunch in the cafe, played in the indoor area and groomed a horse. All in all we had a fun day!

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